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Digital Fight Club Pulls No Punches in Sparring Over Tech

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

The rapid rise of new technology makes life easier, putting everything from pizza to Uber just a simple swipe or voice command away. But, there’s a dark side to this tech utopia with concerns about disruption, security, obsolescence, and privacy

Big Design: Dallas-based Spacee Creates New AR Experience

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Pokemon Go took augmented reality mainstream, putting a digital experience on top of the real world.

But Dallas-based startup Spacee is working on a totally different AR technology that doesn’t require smartphones or glasses.

CEO Skip Howard showed off …

Dallas Startup Week: DFW is ‘Nexus’ for Innovation in Virtual Reality

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris


The long-awaited breakthrough for virtual and augmented reality could be coming soon.

Both technologies have fallen short for several years, always promising big things, but continually failing to penetrate mainstream adoption.

Several experts …