Sebin Joseph

Dallas Startup Von Perry Looks to Raise $2M to Build More 3D-Printed Homes Across Texas

by | Aug 31, 2022
Von Perry's first 3D-printed geopolymer concrete home is slated for completion in October in the small town of Nevada, Texas. As the startup prepares to kick off its $2 million fundraising effort on the StartEngine crowdfunding platform, it's planning six other custom projects in Texas—and thinking big. “We are actually building real houses using 3D printers, and that is a jaw-dropping moment for [people]," says Von Perry's co-founder and CTO. "Because they don't even believe it is possible."
Dallas Startup Von Perry Is Building a 3D-Printed Home in Collin County
by | Dec 14, 2021
Von Perry's 21-year-old CEO, Treyvon Perry, has been preparing for this since he founded the startup at age 17. He and his co-founder, 27-year-old CTO Sebin Joseph, are pioneering a new way to build concrete 3D-printed homes using regular concrete—and aim to prove the concept for DFW and beyond.