Randall C. Stuewe

Irving’s Darling Ingredients To Capture Biogas at Wastewater Plants for Conversion to Natural Gas

by | Jun 10, 2024
Darling—a global leader in turning food waste into sustainable products and a producer of renewable energy—is partnering with GreenGasUSA in the conversion plan.
Darling Ingredients ‘Can Do’ Chief Strategist To Retire, Embraces New Chapter with Named Successor
by | Jul 20, 2023
As John Bullock, known for his transformational leadership, plans to retire from Darling Ingredients, the company welcomes Robert Day, a veteran with nearly three decades of agribusiness experience, to continue Bullock's legacy of innovation and strategic growth.
Darling Ingredients Announces Executive Team Changes, Including a New COO
by | May 12, 2023

Irving-based Darling Ingredients Inc., the largest publicly traded company turning edible by-products and food waste into sustainable products and a leading producer of renewable energy, has announced changes to its executive management team....