5 Dallas Architecture Firms Unveil Futuristic Uber Skyport Designs

by | Jun 12, 2019
Dallas is one of three cities that will be test markets for the air taxi program planned by Uber Elevate to begin in 2023.
Christopher Brown, CEO of Modular, a provider of digital asset solutions to the banking sector, and cofounder of Zabo, a new fully digital bank that will launch in 2019.
Meet the Innovators: Christopher Brown, Modular and Zabo
In between the tech buzzwords—crypto, AI, AR—there's real work going on, Modular CEO Christopher Brown says.
comedy roast - Yvena Chowdhury
Digital Dallas Comedy Roast: 5 Startups Walk into a Pitch … Here’s What Happened
by | May 24, 2018
With money, fame, and glory at stake, startup pitches usually are no laughing matter — but not this time.
Modular Founder Christopher Brown
Q+A: Modular is Taming the Wild Frontier of Distributed Networks
by | May 21, 2018
Modular Founder Christopher Brown talks about how his startup is harnessing the power of Ethereum before he appears at Digital Dallas Startup Comedy Roast this week.