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Tessa Hoskin: Mentor, Author, and Alpha Female Gives a Real-World Perspective

Posted by David Kirkpatrick

From program management to business development to health care, Contessa “Tessa” Hoskin mentors startup founders in a wide variety of fields. While Hoskin garners experience across a multitude of fields to motivate budding entrepreneurs, her own mentors—in turn—inspire her. So

Michael Cope: As a Mentor, He’s ‘Been There and Done That’

Posted by David Kirkpatrick

The “Meet the Mentor” series is a way for Dallas Innovates to celebrate the depth and breadth of mentors in North Texas and highlight the collected wisdom and experience available to the startup community, entrepreneurs, and other seekers of knowledge. 

UTD Offers 4 Tips for Creating a Good Mentor Relationship

Posted by Jeanne Spreier

Google “get a good mentor” and you’ll find articles with five tips, eight tips, 18 tips –- all sorts of tips -– on developing a meaningful mentor relationship. We’ve done the reading for you and think you can benefit from …

Dallas Startup Week: Mentors Guide Entrepreneurs

Posted by Michael Gordon


Today’s Dallas entrepreneurship ecosystem has created an environment where competition is overshadowed by collaboration. Now, local entrepreneurs are taking industry insight from seasoned professionals and applying it to their own businesses through the mentor …