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Why We Should Rethink the Way We Address Our Teachers

Posted by Gunnar Rawlings

When I was a classroom teacher and I told people what I was doing, the most common response I would hear is, “Good for you.” Yes, being a teacher is a good thing to do. But we shouldn’t see being …

PwC Learns a few Lessons From Cristo Rey Students

Posted by Patrick Kobler

In July 2015, Cristo Rey Dallas welcomed its first freshman class. Located in the Pleasant Grove area of Southeast Dallas, the new high school exclusively serves students living near or below the federal poverty line. It is the first …

Cristo Rey Dallas Prepares Kids for the Real World With Real Jobs

Posted by Patrick Kobler

After receiving his Master of Education degree from Notre Dame, Dallas native Gunnar Rawlings came home and began to lay the groundwork for Dallas’ first Cristo Rey high school. Spanning 19 states, the Cristo Rey Network consists of 30 Catholic …