Swimming Against the Current: UNT Biologists Study the Impact of Construction on Fish

by | Sep 10, 2020
Through funding from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, UNT scientists are helping state conservation efforts by examining the velocity of four fish species with what they describe as a fish treadmill.
NaturalShrimp Says New Patented Tech Enables Indoor Propogation of All Fish
by | Jan 18, 2019
The company said that the Vibrio Suppression Technology system eliminates water-borne bacteria and other harmful organization, permitting aquatic species to grow indoors.
R&D: UTA Professor's Quest to Unify Storm Forecasts; UTSW Studies 'Couch Potato' Behavior Photo: Igor Zhuravlov/iStock]
R&D: UTA Professor’s Quest to Unify Storm Forecasts; UTSW Studies ‘Couch Potato’ Behavior
by | Jan 11, 2019
In this roundup of research and development work going on in North Texas, you'll also learn about a $3M gift to the UNT Health Science Center that will fund an endowed chair and benefit Alzheimer's research.