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UTD Professor Says He Has an Easier Way to Find Out What Jobs Are Where

Posted by Jeff Bounds

A Dallas professor has created an easier, less-expensive way to determine how prevalent given occupations are in U.S. metropolitan areas.

Evan Stair

Evan Stair

Evan Stair, a self-proclaimed “map lover,” is licensing the data tool he built to economic development organizations …

Bullet Train Terminal Would Put Dallas’ The Cedars on Track to Economic Boon

Posted by Lance Murray

The Cedars neighborhood south of downtown Dallas is one of the city’s first and most-historic areas, one that has suddenly been thrust into a highly visible, prominent place in the city’s future.

Monday’s announcement by Texas Central Partners that it …

Economic Development 3.0: Making Money, People and Power Work

Posted by Cynthia Nevels

What do you think of when you see a vacant commercial building in a middle-class neighborhood?

Do you say to yourself, “I could start my own business there if I had the capital,” or “a Whole Foods should open here …

Libraries as Hubs for Entrepreneurship

Posted by Daniel Oney

The Dallas B.R.A.I.N. can hope to achieve its goal of building an inclusive entrepreneurial community because of the vision and resources of the Dallas Public Library (DPL). In a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 87 percent of Americans …

BRAIN Aims To Help Small Businesses Grow

Posted by Mark Gilman

Going from idea to execution involves a lot of learning. Entrepreneurship is a form of literacy and involves mastering content on how to successfully start and grow a business. It requires learning special ways of thinking and acting to maintain …