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Why the CEO of HER Texas Believes Improving the State’s Business Ecosystem Starts With Women

by | Aug 2, 2021
Jasmin Brand, the founder and CEO of HER Texas, joined Zero Gap Founder and President Jacqueline Twillie during Dallas Startup Week to discuss creating a new table for women in business. Here's what she had to say.
Here’s Why Female Creatives Are ‘Unique Unicorns’ in the Industry
by | Sep 3, 2020
During a Dallas Startup Week panel, three women in art and business talk about how to break the status quo in male-dominated industries.
Tech How-to: TWU Launches Free Workshop Series for Women in Business
by | Jun 26, 2018
The goal of the workshops beginning Tuesday is to help women business owners increase their professional productivity.
Entrepreneurial advice: Jasmine Brand's dad told her "money is good, but new ideas are priceless." Today, Brand puts a premium on innovation, and aims to "create new things to be ahead of the curve." [ Photo: Courtesy of Jasmin Brand ]
You Create the Life You Want,
Says Entrepreneur Jasmin Brand
by | Apr 13, 2017
The 37-year-old Dallas entrepreneur has spent the last decade building multiple businesses and her brand (pun intended).