Here’s Why Female Creatives Are ‘Unique Unicorns’ in the Industry

During a Dallas Startup Week panel, three women in art and business talk about how to break the status quo in male-dominated industries.

It’s no question that woman face obstacles in the world of business, but for CEO of How to Be Social Jewels Clark, President and Founder of Think Three Media Leah Frazier, and Market President of Modern Luxury Blake Stephenson, it’s all about how they can break the status quo.

Frazier began the panel by talking about her experiences building her own business, a creative marketing agency focused on content marketing, social media marketing, and public relations services.

“Often, we don’t assert ourselves enough, or we overanalyze the situation. I found myself doing that a lot,” Frazier said. “I thought I needed to have all of my ‘I’s dotted and all my ‘T’s crossed. Then when I came across my male counterparts, I was finding out that they’re pretty much just throwing anything at the wall and seeing what would stick.”

Clark noted how confidence is important for females who are new to the creative industry.

“Some women feel like they need to have a long list of awards or a rap sheet to prove what they can do, but you know those females that are just getting started in the industry don’t have any of that,” Clark said. “It’s really important to come to the table with that confidence.”

Frazier believes that as female creatives, they are ‘unique unicorns’ that can solve nearly any challenges for all types of businesses.

“We have a solution to so many problems because our brain just thinks on a whole other level,” Frazier said. “It’s that creative mindset that can come in and create things overnight, we just have to lean into it.”

She likes to write about her wins and rejections so she has something to reference in the future.

“With journaling, I have something to reference back that lets me know like you’re on the right track. I always believe that what was for me, is for me,” Frazier said. “I don’t take rejections personally—it actually kicks me back into my competitive mode where I’m like, ‘I’m gonna show you.'”

As market president for Modern Luxury, Stephenson believes that one of the many superpowers that creative women have is their ability to sympathize. She spoke about how women by nature listen to what people’s needs are, and how creatives can benefit from that.

When talking about being rejected in the business world, Stephenson emphasized the idea of putting oneself out there.

“I’ve definitely been told ‘no’ by men,” she said. “But probably one of the best pieces of advice that I got was to just go out there and throw caution to the wind, be rejected 10 times in a row. It toughens your skin and that’s what we need.”

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