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Mobility Innovation Zone: AllianceTexas Developer Announces Plans for the Future

by | Jun 11, 2019
Dallas-based Hillwood plans to turn its vast acreage in Fort Worth and Denton County into a place called the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone. There, new transportation technologies can be developed and deployed—from autonomous cars and trucks to high-flying drones and air taxis. 
Apple Reportedly Seeks to ‘Acqui‑Hire’ Autonomous Vehicle Company
by | Jun 6, 2019
The self driving vehicle startup, which has an office in Plano, is piloting driverless passenger vans in Arlington's Entertainment District near AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Park.
Transportation Revolution: Experts Tackle How a High-Flying Future Could Affect Us All
PANEL | From unlimited rideshare to flying taxis, The Hyperloop to automated vehicles, Industry experts discuss how the future of transportation will impact real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Summit: Experts Talk Balancing Realities With ‘Gee-Whiz Tech’ for Smarter Cities
by | Sep 22, 2018
At the North Texas Smart Cities Summit, IT specialists, engineers, public officials, and civil servants pondered the possibilities and perils of smart city technology that's ever closer to becoming commonplace. Dave Moore has the takeaway.
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Fort Worth State Rep Pushes Autonomous Car Testing

by | Mar 15, 2017
Charlie Geren's bill aims to expand driverless car testing in the state.
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Autonomous Transit: Arlington Glimpses the Future, Like ‘Uber with Robots’
by | Feb 3, 2017
Alliance for Transportation Innovation allowed people to try out the driverless EasyMile shuttle during its Thursday stop in North Texas.
KERA Podcast Takes on Future of Autonomous Cars
by | Nov 4, 2016
KERA's podcast of a conversation with UTD professor Nicholas Gans puts autonomous cars in perspective.
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Autonomous Cars: What Will the Future Steer Our Way?
by | Jun 6, 2016
Technology, money and safety are issues that still issues to address before driverless cars are on the streets.