‘3 Parts Hope, 2 Parts Capital Preservation’: How Dallas-based LinedanceAI is Building the Next Data Frontier from Human Movement Now

by | Apr 3, 2020
Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, LinedanceAI continues to innovate. Its machine‑learning platform can analyze a human body’s joint-level movement (in real time) for use in sports, healthcare, security, and more.
Chicks on Vic: Female Business Owners Team Up on Victory Avenue
by | Mar 8, 2019
The "Chicks on Vic"—a group of women who own businesses on Victory Avenue in Dallas—have teamed up to support one another in their businesses.
Larry Davis and Damon Bryant
Is Athletic Success Predictable?
MVR Has an Answer
by | Apr 18, 2017
MVR goes beyond traditional IQ tests by using technology-based analytics to measure spacial awareness, cognitive abilities, and determination.