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Gallery: Art Meets Tech at Digital Dallas < Art/Code > Event

by | Jul 29, 2016

Wednesday’s < Art/Code >, hosted by Digital Dallas at the Aria Stone Gallery in the Dallas Design District, was an intersection of art and technology.

“Digital Da Vincis” was how one of the organizers described the artists whose works were created by writing code, pushing pixels or doing crazy things with light, electronics, and even brain waves....

Art/Code Digital Dallas 2016
< Art/Code > Event Lights Up with Digital Art at Dallas Gallery
by | Jul 28, 2016
Exhibits fusing art and technology filled the Aria Stone Gallery Wednesday night as part of Digital Dallas’ event.
Barton Damer: His Art Resonates Pop Culture
by | Jul 25, 2016
Damer's studio, Already Been Chewed, has done work for such clients as Nike, Dew Tour and Vans shoes.
Don Relyea’s Art Intersects Tech, Biology
by | Jul 22, 2016
Relyea's particle paintings “use hundreds of thousands of [digital paint] particles” to ultimately render paintings at up to four times 4k resolution.
Darcy Neal

Artist Darcy Neal Illuminates with #Hashtag Map

by | Jul 19, 2016
Darcy Neal and Alex Meswarb have created an interactive map that displays the geographic locations of predefined hashtags on an LED matrix.
Jeremy Mckane Digital Dallas Art/Code
Artist Makes 1st Mind-controlled Digital Video Art Installation
by | Jul 15, 2016
Artist spotlight on Jeremy McKane who will be one of 15 artists featured at < Art / Code >.
Digital Dallas < Art/Code > featured artist Eric Trich. [Photo via Digital Dallas]
Dallas Artist Eric Trich Realizes Vision in 3-D Projection Mapping
by | Jul 13, 2016
< Art/Code > is bringing together 15 cutting edge digital artists to show off their work at the Aria Stone Gallery to Dallas July 27. This is the first in a series of profiles of the artists.