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Darcy Neal

Editor’s Note: The <Art / Code> event will bring together 15 digital artists to show off their cutting-edge work at the Aria Stone Gallery on July 27. The event is curated by David Rodriguez (aka Dr. Gorilla) and hosted by Digital Dallas. This profile of electronic artist Darcy Neal is one in our series of artist profiles.

Electronic artist Darcy Neal of LadyBrain Studios and software engineer Alex Meswarb of Ideacombine have joined forces to construct an interactive Twitter #hashtag map that will display the “geographic location of the use of predefined hashtags onto an LED matrix.”


Over time, my work has become more complex alongside the shift of technology, which has allowed me to convey my ideas in more accurate and meaningful ways,” Darcy Neal said.

“I use technology to breathe warmth into my works by cross-pollinating the senses to emphasize gestures and convey a deeper meaning,” Neal said. “It is my language that I use to articulate my ideas to the audience.”

She said it’s all about emotion.

“I like to use technology to emphasize emotional instances and to unhand and entertain people’s sensory experiences,” she said.


Neal was a painter and ceramicist in her early college days. She discovered electronics through circuit bending, a technique she “instantly fell in love with.”

Eight years later, Neal is dedicated to building lighting installations, and to educating others about interactive technology.

In the past two years, she said her art has “taken off” with the creation of LadyBrain Studios.

“My goal with LadyBrain Studios is to help bring people’s artistic visions to life, create immersive installations, and to host workshops to educate others about the exciting world of technology and sensors,” Neal said.


Darcy Neal operates LadyBrain Studios. [Submitted photo]

“I have been working with LEDs and music more than ever, most notably with an ongoing collaboration with the Flaming Lips to build custom LED-infused brain sculptures,” she said. “Over time, my work has become more complex alongside the shift of technology, which has allowed me to convey my ideas in more accurate and meaningful ways.”


She said her work as an artist has allowed her to do more freelance work, “doing what I love.”

Neal advises other professionals to dedicate as much time as possible to pursuing their passions.

“Time is valuable so use it wisely,” Neal said. “Live frugal while you have the full time income, so when you make the leap into being freelance you’ll have the financial cushion available to take those risks. 

“Don’t just sit around and talk about ideas that you want to do, go out and do it as much as you can.”

Digital Dallas <Art / Code> Event 

On July 27, the worlds of art and code will collide from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Aria Stone Gallery, where Dallas’ top digital artists will show us how they’re taking digital design to new electronic heights. Drinks, food, and music from Digital Dallas’ roster of DJs will be provided. The gallery is 1617 Hi Line Drive, Suite 310, in Dallas. Check it out here.


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