Sustainable Eatery MIXT Is Cooking Up Expansion Plans Around North Texas

The "environmentally responsible" restaurant partners with local organizations to maintain sustainability standards. Dallas-based recycling company Fusion Waste helps MIXT divert 99 percent of its waste from landfills, and Bonton Farms provides ingredients crafted close to home.

Green makes green, and MIXT, a fresh and fast-casual eatery, proves it.

The California-based restaurant with one location in Dallas is on a mission to keep its ingredients local and reduce its carbon footprint. And now it’s looking to expand in the region.

The concept of MIXT was born in California in 2005. Co-founder Leslie Silverglide, along with her husband David and brother Drew, were fed up with the lack of options available for health conscious people on the go. So, fueled by their frustrations, they combined their talents in environmental sustainability, cuisine, and business to create a solution. 

When building their business, the core focus was on ‘business for good’.

“We really wanted to start a business that was environmentally responsible throughout,” CEO and co-founder Leslie Silverglide told Dallas Innovates. “Our mission has always been to serve as many people as possible an amazing, healthy meal, and do it in a very approachable format.”

As MIXT grew, the trio decided to look into bringing their mission outside of the California border. Dallas earned the first slot because its people like to eat and eat well. What’s currently the only Dallas location sits on Olive Street in Uptown.

[Photo: Liz Goodwin]

Silverglide says Dallas was a ‘natural fit’ for MIXT’s first out-of-California expansion.

“There are so many people here that are living healthy lifestyles, that really care about eating good food,” Leslie Silverglide says. “It was a very natural fit for us to bring our offerings to Dallas.”

When the MIXT team chose to make the trek to Texas, they had to make some adjustments, Silverglide says. MIXT had to find new local partners to maintain their sustainability standards, including diverting 99% of its waste from landfills. It partnered with Dallas’ Fusion Waste to compost and recycle everything it can. 

Ingredients crafted close to home are another key element in MIXT’s food philosophy. For fresh food that makes a difference, MIXT’s owners chose Bonton Farms, known for serving food, creating jobs, and promoting wellness across the region. 

“We are very aligned with their mission,” Leslie Silverglide says. “There’s an environmental, social, and economic component to what they’re doing with their farm. We’re just really impressed with what they’re doing.” 

MIXT now wants to bring that same kind of nourishment to more of Dallas-Fort Worth. 

[Photo: Liz Goodwin]

MIXT is now looking to open its doors in new areas in North Texas. The team is still searching for that perfect fit, ideally in an area with a high level of traffic.

“People in Dallas love MIXT,” Leslie Silverglide says. “We are very excited. Sustainable growth is really important to us in order to see our mission and our vision through.”

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