Researcher Tackles Tuberculosis Medication Testing

Tuberculosis is still a major health issue in some parts of the world, and Dr. Gumbo's research could help find better treatments.

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Tuberculosis is still a major health problem in some parts of the world, even if it isn’t nearly the health issue in the United States that it was years ago.

Dr. Tawanda Gumbo, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Experimental Therapeutics at the Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, is leading a research initiative aimed at testing the effectiveness of medications given to those afflicted with the disease, D Healthcare Daily reported.

Tuberculosis is still present in as much as 3 percent of some countries’ populations, particularly in places such as India, China, and South America, D Healthcare Daily said.

Gumbo’s research recently was published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal. It included details of a model for testing medicines on pediatric TB patients.

D Healthcare reported that that genesis of Gumbo’s research dates back to his medical training in the African nation of Zimbabwe, where he realized that what he was reading in the books about the effectiveness of tuberculosis treatments weren’t reflected by what he was seeing in the people he studied.

He realized something wasn’t right. The books were old, and the disease had morphed, D Healthcare said. Some strains responded to antibiotics, while others did not.

You can find out more about Gumbo, his research, and how he came to Baylor Scott & White here at D Healthcare Daily.

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