Evolon and ZeroEyes Partner on Long-Range AI Gun-Detection Technology

by | Dec 6, 2022
With the partnership, Dallas-based Evolon Technology will unite the long-distance object detection of its analytics with ZeroEyes' proprietary AI gun detection technology. The result: The ability to detect and track someone with a firearm more than a football field away. "Current events point to the need for a partnership like ours," Evolon President and CEO Kevin Stadler says.
Military Innovation Experts Discuss Future Advancements, Ideating, and Defense Innovation
by | Sep 8, 2020
James Rabuck and Alexander Goldberg explained how the Texas Military Department Joint Innovation Unit, aka the TMDx, brings together the military and private sectors to bridge the gap from brainstorming to implementation for defense advancement during a Dallas Startup Week discussion.
New Dallas Nonprofit Heroes Foundation Assists Military Veterans in Finding Fulfilling Careers
by | Jul 28, 2020
Inspired by his personal story, Chris Montoya has dedicated his professional life to assisting veterans in finding meaningful work after transitioning back to civilian life. The founder kicked off the 501c3 status of his "labor of love" by partnering with Spectrum/Charter on a four-part military hiring event.
From Tanks to Teleportation: Defense Innovation Unit Partners on Podcast About National Security and Commercial Tech
by | Jul 16, 2020
The ten-episode series hosted by Dallas-native DIU Texas Lead Zach Walker and founding_media's Dan Dillard explores the intersection of technology, business, and national security.

‘Our Best Product Yet’: Hypergiant Has Futuristic Helmet in the Works

by | Aug 30, 2019
Firefighters, police, soldiers, and search and rescue teams may become safer than ever with Hypergiant's development of helmets featuring an interactive head-up display.
Tech Tower: Fort Worth’s Elbit Systems is Upgrading Border Control
by | Feb 12, 2019
The high-tech towers can differentiate between people, groups of people, animals, and even vehicles, while also detecting whether the people or vehicles are carrying weapons, drugs, children, or other risky items.
In The Trenches: Dallas Army Veteran Introduces Collection Through Virtual Fashion Show
by | Nov 13, 2018
Haute Société's newest collection, "In The Trenches," was introduced to the public like most womenswear labels — with a fashion show. But, this military-inspired production was conducted virtually, via a Facebook Live video.
Elbit Systems’ Military Gear May Seem Like Science Fiction, But It’s Real-World Tech
by | Nov 2, 2018
Elbit Systems' tech — such as its IronVision head-mounted display technology — allows military forces to be operational anywhere in the world, under any type of conditions.

Booting Up an Immersive Experience at Plano USAA

by | Apr 10, 2018
From a virtual reality lab simulating life on board warships to a fabrication lab building the hardware behind tech breakthroughs, USAA's Plano campus gives employees a taste of military life while working on new ways to offer its services.
Dallas Drives Global Innovation In Brain Science
by | Feb 16, 2016

The pursuit of lasting brain health is one of the most exciting and urgent challenges facing humanity. Brain health among military service members is being called into question....