New Technology Enables Real-Time Embryo Monitoring

The technology allows remote monitoring by scientists from their offices or their home.


A Frisco fertility clinic is using new technology to allow embryologists to view embryo development in real time.

The Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine said the technology is proving to be successful for couples using in-vitro fertilization at the clinic.

“It ended up being a very special moment.”
Candace Storey

“When they went to implant the embryo in me, they had him up on the screen and you could see the embryo moving and growing right before your eyes,” Candace Storey, a new mother and IVF patient at the clinic, said in a release.

“It ended up being a very special moment,” she said.

The technology is called EmbryoScope, an incubator equipped with a built-in microscope that allows continuous time-lapse photography of an embryo, the clinic said.

It allows embryologists to continuously view the embryos during development, allowing them to identify potential problems that might cause a failure of the pregnancy, the clinic said.

Institute scientists can monitor the embryos remotely from the office or from home, without interrupting the sensitive environment.

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