‘Masters of Doom’ Lands a TV Pilot Produced by the Franco Brothers

The story of "Doom"—one of the most influential video games of all time—was developed out of Dallas in 1991, and may make its way to TV screens.

For gamers and technology lovers alike, “Doom” is a household name. In 1991, Dallas-based id Software developed the video game. Last month, USA Network announced a pilot order on the creation story of “Doom” as told by the book “Masters of Doom.”

While “Doom” is best known for having helped pioneer first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay, “Masters of Doom” focuses on the creation of id Software and its impact on the gaming industry. In “Masters of Doom,” author David Kushner pays particular attention to the dynamic between two of id Software’s four founders—John Carmack and John Romero—and how these best friends-turned-rivals made history with the “Doom” franchise.

Tom Bissell, who has written multiple video game scripts and nine books including “Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter,” will serve as the writer and executive producer of the series. James and Dave Franco have also signed on as executive producers, as well as Kushner and members from The Gotham Group. Universal Content Group will produce. 

If turned into a series, this true story would serve as the first installment in a planned anthology. Each subsequent season would center around key events in video game history.

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Carmack and Romero appeared hopeful when commenting on the announcement.

“I wish them well and hope for the best,” Carmack wrote in a tweet. “There are, of course, many opportunities for disaster, but I’m not going to dwell on things out of my influence.” 

Later that day, Romero tweeted positively about the project and mentioned his wish to be played by someone of his heritage.