Legendary Dallas Innovator John Carmack Raises $20M for Artificial General Intelligence Startup Keen Technologies

by | Dec 16, 2022
Carmack—the former CTO of VR giant Oculus—has taken goggle-gazing to the next level, programmed Doom and Quake, and founded a Mesquite-based space tourism startup. Now he's on a mission he says "could change the course of human history": artificial general intelligence. Keen's focus on AGI could lead to "something that behaves like a human being or like a living creature, and that can then be educated in whatever ways that we need to," he says.

Carmack believes AGI will hit the market in less than a decade. enabling AIs to interact socially with each other—or with actual people.  
North Texas Video Game Developer Worldspark Studios Lands $3M for Metaverse Platform
by | Feb 28, 2022
The blockchain gaming studio's first title is Edenbrawl, a tech fantasy-style online multiplayer battle game. Within the game, players will be able to purchase and trade NFTs tied to things like character skins and weapons skins.
‘Masters of Doom’ Lands a TV Pilot Produced by the Franco Brothers
by | Jul 11, 2019
The story of "Doom"—one of the most influential video games of all time—was developed out of Dallas in 1991, and may make its way to TV screens.
Gaming Industry in Dalla-Fort Worth
The Gaming Industry
in Dallas-Fort Worth
North Texas has played a major role in the gaming industry for more than two decades. Here's a roundup of Dallas Innovates' esports and gaming news in the region —and a bit of history to get you started.

QuakeCon Shows Off New Quake, More Doom, Other Surprises

by | Aug 8, 2016
There were plenty of things at Quakecon for gamers to get excited about, including demos of upcoming games and previews of upcoming releases.
QuakeCon Ready to Hit Play Button for Expo
by | Aug 1, 2016
For more than 20 years, fans have been gathering for the annual gaming expo in Dallas.
Doom: Reimagining a Classic Dallas-Made Game in 2016
by | Jun 20, 2016
The Dallas-based software company has returned to its roots with a new Doom game.
2nd Let’s Play Gaming Expo Kicks Off Saturday in Plano
by | Jun 16, 2016
The event celebrates all things gaming, ranging from the hottest new games to obscure retro classics only the most hardcore fans would recognize.