Irving’s OnAsset Intelligence Launches Dedicated Aircraft IoT Gateway for Air Cargo

Aircraft gateways deliver a multitude of benefits for shippers, logistics providers, and airlines, OnAsset says—and its Sentry 600 FlightSafe device now extends "real time visibility" for shippers to the aircraft itself, turning it into "a virtual connected warehouse."

Irving-based OnAsset Intelligence has deployed its Sentry 600 FlightSafe device as a dedicated aircraft-installed gateway, saying it can transform an aircraft into “a virtual connected warehouse.”

“The need for visibility is only increasing, and the proliferation of wireless devices to track and monitor all aspects of the supply chain is growing at an astounding pace. Enabling the aircraft to be the nexus of this activity is the next logical step,” OnAsset CEO Adam Crossno said in a statement. “From our inception, OnAsset has done the hard work to ensure our products are fully compliant with aviation regulations, and we’re proud to continue that legacy by launching the industry’s first dedicated IoT gateway that is compliant for install on the aircraft itself,”

OnAsset said that air cargo is the lifeblood of global supply chains, enabling high-quality and high-velocity movement of the world’s most valuable and mission critical goods. It said that visibility is a critical component in keeping the aviation supply chain moving, and with Sentry 600 FlightSafe, OnAsset is extending the “real time visibility” shippers have come to expect to the aircraft itself.

“With this proven turnkey solution, we’re delivering layers of value for the airline and its customers,” Crossno said. “Everyone in the chain benefits from enhanced visibility, whether it be airline operations, aircraft maintenance, cargo, ULD management, ground handling operations, or shippers, we can unify the picture for everyone.”

Visibility through aircraft gateways

The company said that aircraft gateways deliver a multitude of benefits for shippers, logistics providers, and the airline itself. Enabling the aircraft as the hub of real-time visibility establishes continuity for the monitoring aircraft subsystems, sensor-enabled shipments, and detection of ULDs, galley carts and other connected aircraft assets, OnAsset said.

The company said it’s delivering these solutions for airline customers where Bluetooth sensors are installed in cabin and hold areas to monitor temperature and humidity. Also, sensors integrated into assets such as aircraft unit-load-devices (ULDs), aircraft parts inventory, and ground support equipment capture real time location and sensor data wherever the aircraft is located.

The Sentry aircraft gateways are capable of running for weeks on their own backup battery, so the same level of visibility can be provided whether the aircraft are being used or parked for maintenance.

OnAsset said that the gathered data enables immediate notification of excursions from defined parameters while also building historical data for ongoing analysis of asset utilization and efficiency.

With the gateways in place, OnAsset said that operations and maintenance teams can remotely capture transaction events, diagnose problems and troubleshoot issues without the need for physical inspection, particularly during periods of extreme weather.

That saves time and resources while providing avenues for new value-added status notifications to airline shippers, the company said.

Comprehensive solution for airlines

According to OnAsset, the onboard Sentry FlightSafe IoT gateways present airlines with a comprehensive solution for monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing parked aircraft, leading to improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety and security, with multiple benefits, including:

  • Real-time visibility and monitoring of cargo hold and cabin environments, including detection of sensor-enabled shipments, ULDs, galley carts, and other aircraft assets. This visibility extends beyond just the aircraft to the surrounding area as well, further enabling enhancing situational awareness of ground support operations and equipment.
  • Immediate notification of cargo confirmed onboard status, detection of loading and unloading events, and sensor data capture for notifying personnel of any deviations from predefined parameters, allowing for prompt action to be taken.
  • Integration with ground operations systems to seamlessly facilitate coordination between airline maintenance activities, cargo operations, asset management, and ground support staff, including support for 3rd party notifications to shippers, logistics providers and ground handling agents.
  • SENTRY 600 FlightSafe® gateway automatically channels data to the OnAsset Insight Cloud, where personnel can access dashboards, define rules and alerts, and integrate data through API functions to enable ongoing analysis for improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety and security for parked aircraft.

Founded in 2005, OnAsset specializes in asset tracking and monitoring solutions with a focus on providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable products that allow organizations to track and manage their valuable assets in real time.

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