Impact Ventures: Meet Red Plum, a Platform That Makes Building WordPress Sites Easier

Dallas-based Red Plum WP Builder makes the open-source content management system easy for designers and marketers so they can get back to making clients happy.

To Andrea Malone, learning how to navigate open-source content management system WordPress is necessary to successfully building a brand. But launching a website can be difficult (and time-consuming) for businesses without the budget or in-house knowledge to do so.

Last year, Malone set out to make WordPress easy for designers and marketers so they can get back to making clients and customers happy. She founded Red Plum WP Builder, a B2B startup that removes all non-billable website-related tasks and barriers to having an attractive site.

“Designers, marketers, and enterprises need to know a lot about WordPress in order to have just a simple, functioning site,” she says. “However, we take security, technical maintenance, updates, and more off their plate while offering a library of pre-screened plugins that work with all of our 25 demo sites.”

As the founder and lead developer, Malone and her Co-Founder and CFO Corey Malone are a two-person band behind one of the best tools to help scale a business. They’re Dallas-based, but work entirely virtual, and hope to bring on some social media interns this fall.

Their mission is to make WordPress more accessible for all—”we are inclusive, responsible, transparent, and empowering,” Malone says. “Our platform/product is really helpful. It does something that matters, which is help people to have a powerful WordPress website. Our culture [is based on] inclusivity and representation.”

The team’s work can be seen on sites like and By the end of next year, Malone hopes to reach 16,000 users.

But she truly started Red Plum to build a legacy. In the long-term, she hopes to work with a cohort of organizations to bring the global economy to communities around the world through internet access and e-commerce.

Learn more about Malone and Red Plum WP Builder in our Q&A. This installment is part of a new Dallas Innovates series in which we highlight some of Impact Ventures’ Spring 2020 Fellows. You can also read about Exgratias, Education PowerED, HVACIntel, Latinx Spaces, nVenue, and One Stop Wellness.

Meet Red Plum WP Builder

Andrea Malone [Photo: Instagram]

How do you expect that being accepted to the Impact Ventures cohort can make a difference to your team?

Having a community that believes in you and values your lived experiences in terms of the contributions they make to business is invaluable. 

How are you funding your startup?

Through users and clients.

What mentors, partnerships, or deals have been pivotal to your initial traction?

DBUX, SCORE, Impact Ventures, and several mentors.

How did you name it?

I liked the words ‘Red Plum’ together and ‘WP’ for WordPress and ‘Builder’ because it’s a website builder.

What opportunities do you see rising?

WiX and Squarespace have their place with ease of use, and their limitations. WordPress on its own is super flexible, but challenging. So, we merge the best of both worlds.

What sector trends are you most excited about?

Websites becoming more user friendly and intuitive.

Has your company done any significant research and development?

We did a usability study with Dallas Black UX. It has helped our platform be what it is today.

Do you have any proprietary technologies or processes?

In the sense of how we used and customized technologies to work together, yes.

What’s on the horizon for you and your company?

Continuing to build our customer base and invest in development.

Has the pandemic and social environment shifted your plans this year?

Yes, we were holding community events and have switched to more traditional methods of reaching out.

Tell us how your company might be able to help businesses or people right now, in the current, fast-changing environment?

Websites are more important than ever. We help have a fully-functioning, easy-to-use, customizable WordPress website so they can say and sell more without restrictions. 

How is your team operating right now in these virtual times?

We’re a two person show, working virtually and we love it.

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