How Frisco-Based PrimeVox Uses AI to Increase Call Quality and Reliability

PrimeVOX Communications' now patented AI technology allows the telecommunications company to provide customers with crystal-clear calls and unbelievable reliability. Think of it like a GPS: The tech constantly runs calls through multiple data centers, moving them around when necessary, to maximize quality.

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Two years after filing the paperwork, PrimeVOX Communications has officially been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its artificial intelligence technology, allowing the Frisco-based telecommunications company to continue introducing it to the industry.

PrimeVOX was founded to connect people and businesses by using disruptive technologies and delivering high quality unified communications services.

The company says it provides the highest uptimes and greatest levels of customer satisfaction in telecom with crystal-clear calls and unbelievable reliability.

And now that the patent has been granted, PrimeVOX’s “secret is finally out.”

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PrimeVOX describes the patented tech like this: “Optimized with artificial intelligence, it constantly runs calls through multiple data centers simultaneously and moves calls around in real-time to maximize call quality and uptime.”

Think of it like a GPS. As you drive, your preferred GPS app tends to reroute during the trip to avoid traffic jams or unexpected obstacles. It’s all about having a quick, enjoyable experience.

PrimeVOX says it does the same, but with phone calls.

The redundancy tech allows a call to “travel all over the world” in a reliable and seamless way. When necessary, the AI can continuously re-route a call in the middle of a conversation to avoid a dropped call or poor sound quality. It also allows for a call to ‘travel to its destination’ quickly by avoiding any outages or random issues.

“When your call is first made our AI Technology scans the available lines and picks the best one to place your call on. But it also places the same call on multiple other lines and keeps those calls active in the background,” President and CEO Luke Escudé said in a statement. “If at any time during your call PrimeVOX’s AI senses there is a better line available, it instantly switches to the better line in real-time and will continue to do so throughout the entire call. The switch is made so quick and seamlessly, customers continue to hear nothing but continuous call clarity.”

According to the company, its employees have internally known they’re playing a part in advancing telecom history. From here, the team says it’s ready to share the patented tech with the rest of the globe.

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