FW Museum of Science, History Plans Digital Update

Plans to renovate exhibits, galleries, and the Noble Planetarium, and The Omni Theater will turn the museum into a "hub of digital learning."


Celebrating its 75th anniversary, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History announced plans to turn the museum into a “hub of digital learning.”

The museum will renovate exhibits, galleries, and the Noble Planetarium, and The Omni Theater will be renovated and upgraded to make it a more interactive experience. 

“Our goal is to nurture a nationally recognized center. Imagine a hub where leading teachers, researchers, programmers, technologists and designers come together to explore and experiment” museum President Van Romans said. 

What’s in store? Here are the main components of the plan:

  • Reimagine the space devoted to the Omni Theater, with an eye toward creating truly immersive and interactive theater experiences. 
  • Hire Doug Roberts, Ph.D., a nationally recognized leader in digital learning and science education, as the Museum’s first chief technology officer. 
  • Enhance galleries and exhibitions throughout the Museum, while upgrading the Noble Planetarium and the Museum’s online, on-site and community outreach. 

By engaging in science, technology, engineering and math topics, Romans and the museum plans to inspire children, teens and adults in the future. 

“Reimagining the theater experience is one of the bigger challenges,” he said. “The Omni has been a popular attraction for more than three decades. More important, the Omni’s equipment is outdated, precluding it from showing the newest digital films.”

While neither of the designs have been completed or the final cost finalized, it has been Romans’ dream for more than two years to transform the museum. 

By enhancing their creativity they will be prepared for the future. 

“At the same time, our children and teens will have the opportunity to develop digital and scientific literacy so they’ll thrive in the workforce for the future,” Romans said. 


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