Future Proof: Zinwave’s Tech Needs No Hardware Upgrades for New Frequencies

In 2017, Zinwave moved its leadership, operations, and finance teams to Dallas. The chief technology officer says the maker of in-building cellular and public-safety installations for businesses used its move to develop its Network Operations Center, which has a global impact.

Zinwave, whose UNItivity platform is the only future-proof, universal wireless access solution on the market, relocated its headquarters from Cambridge, England, to Dallas in March 2017.

Slavko Djukic

Zinwave’s platform is the industry’s only in-building wireless system that supports all current public safety and cellular frequencies. And yes, you read that right. No hardware upgrades are needed to accommodate future frequencies.

Earlier this year, Zinwave announced a new system framework that fully supports 5G networks and O-RAN—open radio access networks—capability to support growth in indoor installations. The new architecture is supposed to allow the company to provide its customers with complete, 5G-ready indoor connectivity networks in minimal time, no matter the spectrum—low, mid, or millimeter wave—the customers choose to install.

The Open-RAN initiative aims to define and build 2G, 3G, and 4G RAN solutions that are based on vendor-neutral, general-purpose hardware and software-defined tech.

With 18 years of experience in indoor wireless technology development, Chief Technology Officer Slavko Djukic joined Zinwave in 2016 as an expert in distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small-cell systems. Previously, he was Ericsson’s head of strategy and solutions for small cells, DAS, and Wi-Fi.

Djukic took the time to talk about Zinwave’s relocation and where his company fits in the connectivity and networking sector, and about what led the company to move to North Texas.

Tell us about the operations that Zinwave relocated to Dallas

We relocated our headquarters from Cambridge, U.K., to Dallas in March 2017. Since then, we have continued to grow and better serve our North American as well as our global customer base from the new centralized location. At the end of 2018, we also relocated our warehouse operations from San Jose, California, to Dallas. This year, we will also be moving to a new, expanded location within DFW. Since coming to Dallas, we developed our Network Operations Center, which serves as a central hub for providing an additional layer of assistance for businesses across the globe. As part of the relocation, we moved our leadership, operations, and finance teams to the area.

What sets Zinwave apart from other companies in your industry?

Zinwave deploys in-building cellular and public-safety wireless solutions for a variety of industries. We’ve worked with global Fortune 100 companies, many of which are in the Top 25. Zinwave’s patented distributed antenna system (DAS) solution is unique within the industry due to three main components.

  • Fiber-based: An all-fiber cabling wireless solution is not only more affordable for building owners and developers, but it’s also easier to install. Other providers may use coaxial cabling, which yields higher costs, disruptive installation, and slower network speeds.
  • Full-spectrum: Zinwave is the only provider that can support the full spectrum of commercial cellular, public safety, and two-way radio frequencies on a single hardware layer.
  • Future-ready: The solution is designed with the future in mind. If additional carriers, public safety frequencies, and new technologies are required after the initial installation, your system is ready to support those frequencies once you need them—with no adjustment to the hardware.


Zinwave’s DAS solution is first-to-market with several technologies, such as support for OnGo/CBRS (private LTE), which provides the same reliable coverage and capacity commercial cellular offers to businesses, but in a private environment. Zinwave also offers DAS on a cellular-as-a-service plan (allowing businesses to shift a capital expense to an operational expense), which includes full support from the Network Operations Center.

In your site selection process, what tipped the scale in favor of Dallas?

Dallas is the perfect city for technology, innovation, business, and a millennial workforce, and it’s centrally located with easy access to our domestic and international customers. Additionally, the area hosts many of the nation’s top commercial real estate firms, such as CBRE, JLL, and Cushman & Wakefield, who recognize the need for in-building wireless service as a necessary service for their tenants. The CRE community within Dallas-Fort Worth has continued to grow since our relocation, as organizations like WiredScore have recently expanded operations to the area.

How does the North Texas area fit the needs of your employees?

North Texas’ central location allows Zinwave’s team to better serve our customers, partners, and vendors, as well as reside in an area with many great places to live, work, play, and easily commute. Additionally, with a strong representation of industries, including CRE and Fortune 500 companies in the local area, our team is able to personalize relationships and further identify potential opportunities to solve pain points of the businesses and industries we serve. In doing so, Zinwave is able to approach the market with a keen understanding of what a given business is looking to accomplish—which sets our team up for professional success and growth.     

This article was originally published in the Spring 2019 edition of the Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Review. 

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