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Loopback Analytics Announces Strategic Growth Investment to Expand Offerings to Health System, Life Sciences Organizations

by | Jun 8, 2023
Loopback, under founder Neil Smiley's leadership, is at the forefront of integrating advanced data analytics into life sciences. Now, Loopback is set to widen its horizon, thanks to a strategic growth investment from PSG.
Driving Positive Change: How Toyota’s Manufacturing Culture Goes Beyond Cars
by | Mar 24, 2023

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Plano-based Toyota Production System Support Center is joining with its partners to mark the not-for-profit corporation improving the lives of small and mid-sized manufacturers, food banks, healthcare providers and government agencies.

Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC) has shared its know-how with more than 500 partners, using teachings based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), an organizational manufacturing culture and mindset that engages people to continuously make improvements and create solutions....

Dallas’ Vigilant Software Launches Verify Labeling Platform for Hospital ICUs Overwhelmed by COVID
by | Oct 19, 2021
Many hospitals overwhelmed by the pandemic have dealt with patient medication labeling the old-fashioned way—with quickly scrawled, handwritten info taped to syringes and IV bags. Vigilant's new platform improves patient safety and medication workflows, reducing time spent managing infusion lines so the focus can remain on the patient.
Pharmacy returns solution
‘As the Industry Evolves, So Do We’: McKesson Launches Rapid Returns Solution for Health Systems
by | Sep 16, 2021
McKesson is streamlining the return of unsaleable drugs to reduce the burden on health systems. It can also increase their profitability. The offering is powered by a national pharmaceutical reverse logistics and disposal provider, Pharmalink.

Calling All Innovators: Pediatric Hospitals Seek Solutions for Healthcare Pain Points Through KidsX Accelerator

by | Sep 17, 2020
Over 30 pediatric hospitals including Dallas' Children's Health have come together through an accelerator program called KidsX. Startups are invited to apply to help these hospitals solve pain points through Oct. 7.
Facility Planning Expert: Disinfectant Tech Is Going Mainstream to Limit Spread of Infectious Disease
Advanced technologies—used for decades in healthcare facilities and labs—could become ubiquitous in office, restaurant, and retail spaces, as well as public spaces like sports arenas. Businesses can consider multi-layered solutions—such as combining masks and social distancing with modern tech—to create safer and more resilient workplaces, says Broaddus exec Scot Sanders.
near Southside
JLL Report: Fort Worth’s Near Southside Primed to Become Innovative Economic Force
by | Sep 11, 2019
City leaders are targeting the 1,400-acre area as a Medical Innovation District with a new JLL report showing just how much Near Southside has grown—and its potential for the future.
Future Proof: Zinwave’s Tech Needs No Hardware Upgrades for New Frequencies
by | Jul 19, 2019
In 2017, Zinwave moved its leadership, operations, and finance teams to Dallas. The chief technology officer says the maker of in-building cellular and public-safety installations for businesses used its move to develop its Network Operations Center, which has a global impact.