Foundation 45 Tackles Depression Among Deep Ellum’s Artists

Foundation 45

Foundation 45 is a therapy group aiming to help Deep Ellum artists and musicians express their thoughts about depression and suicide. 

The idea came from Dallas musician Anthony Delabano, who said he struggled to find help after the suicides of his two bandmates in Spector 45. The foundation invites local artist to group therapy sessions, where they can express their feelings among like-minded people, WFAA/Channel 8 reported.

“A lot of people reached out to me, but not a lot knew how to deal with me,” Delabano said. “A lot of the counseling had a soft message and that is not the attitude or the feelings I had at the time. I needed something real with a presence and a real voice.”

By using music and art as a therapeutic outlet, Foundation 45 is considered a unique organization because of its therapists who aim for artistic expression. 

“Art and music are known for tapping into a part of the brain this is very emotional,” said Kristen Warren, one of the Foundation 45 therapists. “It is the part of the brain where our feelings come from and that is why it is so powerful.”

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