Fort Worth Entrepreneur Bringing Psoriasis Cream to Market

Art Clapp is continuing his pharmaceutical endeavors with a new product from his company, NuvoThera.

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A retired pharmaceutical development executive is launching his entrepreneurial career with a new topical cream that treats psoriasis. 

Art Clapp, the former executive at Galderma, a pharmaceutical company based in Fort Worth, developed the over-the-counter cream, Prosoria. It’s the first product to come from Clapp’s pharmaceutical startup, NuvoThera, according to FWinc.

Prosoria is created using botanicals because they are usually categorized as safe and natural by the federal Food & Drug Administration. 

The product line is a kit that contains an anti-microbial gel, a treatment gel, and an exfoliating moisturizer. 

Rather than providing temporarily relief like other treatments, the product prevents future flare-ups in psoriasis patients.

“They make it go away, and it just comes back,” Clapp told the Fort Worth business magazine about traditional psoriasis treatments. 

NuvoThera’s new product targets the bacteria and fungus in order to avoid another flare-up.  

It is currently in pre-launch after receiving funding earlier this year from investors including members of the Fort Worth angel investment group, Cowtown Angels.

Clapp plans on selling the product through the company’s website and Amazon, and will then expand to retail drugstores such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart, he told the magazine.

Psoriasis is the first of many topical conditions that Clapp hopes to treat at NuvoThera. 

“The sky’s kind of the limit. There’s no lack of people we can help,” he said. 

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