Fort Worth Art Startup Lets Patrons Take Texas With Them, Forever

Native Texans, transplants, and fans of the Lone Star State alike can enjoy Fort Worth artist Allison Castillo's designs depicting the natural beauty of Texas. The artist has already begun a statewide expansion and hopes to get on one celebrity's radar.

Texas, our Texas! No matter your tie to the Lone Star State, you can now have your own piece of Texas thanks to the designs of Fort Worth-based artist Allison Castillo.

Castillo opened Allison Castillo Designs inFort Worth in 2017. Her art is derived from a wide variety of inspirations and focuses on patterns like botanical, flow, geometric, girls, jicara shell art, neutral, and striped pieces of art. But what has been putting her in boutiques across the state are her trademark “Texas Forever” scarves. 

In addition to her ‘Texas Forever’ design, Castillo also has college-inspired scarves for Baylor University, Texas Tech, and Texas Christian University. She also has a designed called a ‘Sugar Scarf.’

“I thought a large scarf was a cool accessory because of all the different ways to wear it,” Castillo told Dallas Innovates. “I love the fact that it can be worn all year long and any woman, any age can appreciate it.”

Castillo’s scarves are sold in six boutiques across 13 Texas cities, as well as online. [Photo: Courtesy Allison Castillo]

Castillo studied at Stephen F. Austin University and the University of North Texas and has been painting for much of her life. Her works can be found in private collections across the country, as well as in Los Cabos, Mexico. She said her work is inspired by her love of travel along with her own ties to the Lone Star State.

“My love of travel to Cabo definitely was my inspiration behind the Texas Forever scarves,” Castillo said. “They are all inspired by the traditional Otomi design found throughout Mexico. The vibrant textiles and designs speak to my love of color. Being a native Texan, I know how proud we all are of our home state and I thought it would be a perfect blend of symbols and designs.” 

While the scarves are spreading like a grassfire across the Lone Star State, Castillo said she and her team have no intentions of stopping. Her products will be turning national in the near future with an unannounced organization. Castillo is also working on a new ‘All-American’ theme to appeal to her wider audience. 

“Once of my biggest goals is to have one of my scarves be on Oprah’s Christmas Wish List. Never say never, right?” Castillo said. “In the meantime—I am loving my creative life, trying to paint daily, staying busy with my kids and thanking the Lord every day that I get to do what I love.” 

The scarves are now sold in six different boutiques across 13 cities as well as online, and typically go for $45-$65. The design of the scarf comes from many aspects of Castillo’s life, but a lot of her inspiration can be traced to the Otomi people of Central Mexico. 

Moving forward, Castillo said she’s working towards expanding her business and continuing to do what she loves. 

“I was raised by artists and creative-thinking women, so I’ve always been into all forms of art,” Castillo said. “I studied art, photography, and creative design in college and have been a graphic designer for over 20 years. I have lived in Fort Worth my entire life and love the way it’s growing. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and get creative inspiration from all around.”

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