Artwork for Humans: Dallas Muralist Launches New Showroom in Deep Ellum with Upcycled Wearable Art That Inspires

by | Mar 10, 2023
Jerod DTOX Davies' collection of upcycled wearables is handpainted with an uplifting quote. Erykah Badu recently was spotted on social media wearing a custom Artwork For Humans sweatshirt backstage at her annual birthday concert. 
Artful Industrial: How M2G Ventures Is ‘Turning Locations Into Landmarks’
by | Aug 29, 2022
For The Archetype, she enlisted local artist Josh Dodson, whose signature "graffitecture" will be added across the project, filled with 3D illusions and "colorful surprises."

“Integrating art into properties gives them a lifeblood, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with The Archetype," Katie Murray, M2G's chief creative officer says.
9/11 Heroes: Old Parkland Installs Monument Honoring United Airlines Flight 93
by | Sep 11, 2020
As many remember lost loved ones and heroic acts by first responders and citizens on 9/11, Old Parkland in Uptown Dallas has erected a newly commissioned bronze statue in honor of the heroes on United Airlines Flight 93. The "Non Sibi" monument "will forever be a reminder" of the crew and passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 that fought back against the terrorists who hijacked their plane.

Fort Worth Art Startup Lets Patrons Take Texas With Them, Forever

by | Feb 22, 2019
Native Texans, transplants, and fans of the Lone Star State alike can enjoy Fort Worth artist Allison Castillo's designs depicting the natural beauty of Texas. The artist has already begun a statewide expansion and hopes to get on one celebrity's radar.
What Motivates Artists? Fort Worth Company’s Film Explores the Creative Life
by | Oct 12, 2017
MAKE is the first feature-length film created by Musicbed, which is a provider of music for leading filmmakers, TV producers, brands, and agencies.
‘A New Kind of Cartography’: Dallas Artist Paints Works of Art With Forgotten Maps
by | Sep 19, 2017
Matt Cusick's process of “painting with maps” integrates science, art, and storytelling — or, as he says, the human condition.
Complexity Gaming
3 Things: Unique LED Sculpture will Brighten The Star
by | Aug 4, 2016
Leo Villareal's work, titled Volume (Frisco), will be lighting up The Star 24 hours a day. His latest creation contains 19,200 lights with 225 levels of brightness controlled by a computer program.