Do You Know How to Manage, Monetize & Protect Your Intellectual Property?

EisnerAmper offers specific strategies to protect intellectual property (IP) and what to do if your IP rights have been infringed upon.

EisnerAmper created this two-part series to help companies and individuals manage and maximize the value of their intellectual property. This series is for professionals in all industries who have intellectual property and want to understand how to value and protect it.

Part I Recap

In part I of this series Graham Rogers, Nelson Luis, and David Sumner, help participants identify, value and enforce (through audits) their intellectual property rights.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand methods to identifying various forms of intellectual property 
  • Learn why and how an inventory of these assets should be undertaken
  • Understand the various valuation methodologies and how they are used to value intellectual property
  • For intellectual property that has been licensed to a third party, learn how the use of royalty audits can be beneficial to both parties


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Part II Overview 

In part II, Graham Rogers, Nicole Zakowicz, and Jacob Wharton will discuss strategies for seeking copyright, trademark, or patent protection. This session will further expand on maximizing the value of intellectual property by enforcing IP rights through litigation.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand strategies of protecting intellectual property
  • Learn ways to enforce IP rights
  • Understand ways in which to litigate and seek damages when its IP has been infringed
  • Understand the type of economic damage remedies that are available based on the type of IP infringed (e.g., lost profits, reasonable royalties, disgorgement)


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