Intellectual Property

Apple Inc. has secured Patent No. 12016123 for high-capacity computer modules, invented by Michael D. McBroom of Celeste, TX. The patent details modules that simplify computer system design, utilize system resources in a highly configurable manner, offer versatile functionality, and can be easily inserted into or removed from a computer system.

Patented: Apple’s High-Capacity Computer Modules and More North Texas Inventive Activity

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of June 18, 2024. 102 patents granted include: Google's selecting and presenting representative frames for video previews, Halliburton Energy Services' downhole chemical reactor and gas generator with passive or active control, Intel Corporation's technologies for managing interoperable high definition maps for autonomous vehicles, Pieces Technologies' creating multiple prioritized clinical summaries using artificial intelligence, Sandisk Technologies' adaptive semi-circle select gate bias, and Texas Instruments' integrated current sensor with magnetic flux concentrators.
Patented: Netflix’s Streaming Media Techniques and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of June 4, 2024. 153 patents granted include: 7-Eleven's feedback and training for a machine learning algorithm configured to determine customer purchases during a shopping session at a physical store, Apple's enhanced RACH (random access channel) design for 5G CIoT (cellular internet of things), ATT Intellectual Property I's facilitation of voice over new radio for 5G or other next generation network, Avohdah's automated gesture identification using neural networks, Bank of America's dynamic unauthorized activity detection, and more.
Companies with standout patents related to Dallas-Fort Worth for the week of May 21, 2024, include Toyota, USAA, Tango Networks, Crestron, GM, Sanofi, Topgolf, and Bank of America.
Patented: Toyota’s Vehicle Configuration via Brainwave, Gait Recognition and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of May 21, 2024. 121 patents granted include: Bank of America's agent-side chatbot simulator with throttling capabilities, Crestron Electronics' tabletop touchscreen panel, GM Global Technology Operations' perception system with attention module for processing visual data, Health Management Systems' healthcare coverage matching and verification, Netscout Systems Texas' determining geolocation of devices in a communication network, Revision Robotics Surgical Innovations' robotic joint revision system, Sanofi's medicament delivery device, Tango Networks' system, method, and computer-readable medium for provisioning dual-homed voice call continuity, Topgolf International's golf ball dispenser, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America's parking seeker detection system and method for updating parking spot database using same, and United Services Automobile Association's environmental conditions monitoring system.
Patented: Gemma Robotics’ Automated Makeup Application and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of May 14, 2024. 114 patents granted include: Amazon Technologies' speech signal bandwidth extension using cascaded neural networks, Bank of America's hash-based transaction tagging, Bear Robotics' non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for controlling a serving robot, IBM's inline detection and prevention of adversarial attacks, Texas Instruments' streaming engine with short cut start instructions, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America's tow hitch connector cover system, and Walmart Apollo's systems, and methods for automatically annotating images.

Patented: nMetric’s Genetic Algorithm and More North Texas Inventive Activity

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of May 7, 2024. 116 patents granted include: AmplifAI Solutions' use of multiple AI engines to determine a next best action for professional development of employees, ATT's configuring a federated blockchain network, Charles Machine Works' virtual path guidance system, Dell Products' cloud provisioning readiness verification, Discourse.AI's computer-based interlocutor understanding using classifying conversation segments, Futurewei Technologies' primary preview region and gaze-based driver distraction detection, Hewlett Packard's automatic notifications for expired subscriptions, and more.
Norton Rose Fulbright Adds 3 Lawyers to Intellectual Property Practice
by | May 17, 2024
Rhiannon D’Agostin and Adam Rehm have joined Norton Rose Fulbright as partners, and counsel Zack Cleary has joined the global law firm's IP practice as well.
Patented: StaCyc’s Electric Bike and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 12 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of April 16, 2024. 109 patents granted include: Arkestro’s electronic third-party negotiation automation system and tool, Baylor Research Institute’s compositions for treating autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, Boston Scientific Neuromodulation’s neuroinflammation treatments with parameters controlled using biomarkers, and Global Tel*Link Corporation’s mobile correctional facility robots.
Patented: Firehawk Aerospace’s Hybrid Rocket Engine Fuel Grains and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of April 2, 2024. 124 patents granted include: 7-Eleven’s system for determining an item count in a rack using magnetic sensors, Alcon’s methods for using machine learning to predict contact lens compatibility, American Airlines’ deep learning-based demand forecasting system, Bloodsolutions’ blood marketplace system, MedCognetics’ racially unbiased deep learning-based mammogram analyzer, Qorvo US’s semiconductor chip suitable for 2.5D and 3D packaging integration , and Raytheon Company’s metrics-based planning and scheduling system.

Patented: Textron Innovations’ VTOL Aircraft and More North Texas Invetive Activity

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 8 for patents out of 250 metros. 129 patents granted for the week of 1/16/24 include: Equifax’s secure online access control to prevent identification information misuse, Musarubra’s system and method for automatically prioritizing rules for cyber-threat detection and mitigation, Max-IR Labs’ IR radiation and fluid channel to detect contaminants and salts in fluids, Meta Platforms’ systems and methods for determining hand poses in artificial reality environments, Textron’s VTOL aircraft with tilting rotors and tilting ducted fans.
Patented: UNT, InspectIR Systems’ Portable Breath Analysis System and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of Dec. 12, 2023. Patents granted include: Rochal Technologies' composition and kits for inhibition of pathogenic microbial infection, Alcon's pad transfer printing method for making colored contact lenses, Pratt Corrugated Holdings' tamper-evident box, BMIC's water-resistant acrylic coatings, AT&T's auto machine learning via optimal hybrid AI formulation from crowd, Capital One Services' pattern-level sentiment prediction, Toyota Motor North America's accessible ride hailing and transit platform, Kyndryl's artificial intelligence system for tasks, and more.
Dallas-Based CounterFind Inks Deal to Safeguard MLB Players’ Rights and IP
by | Dec 12, 2023
Faced by marketplaces "infiltrated by counterfeit products" featuring Major League Baseball players, MLB Players, Inc., has signed an agreement with Dallas-based CounterFind to combat the infringements. The company's proprietary tech "comprehensively scans major online global marketplaces and retail sites" to track down the counterfeits.
Patented: Textron Innovation’s Submersible Drone Delivery and Recovery System and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 8 for patents out of 250 metros. 161 patents granted include: Advanced Neuromodulation Systems' managing remote therapy sessions, Amazon Technologies' remote hardware execution service with customer consented debugging, Badge's public/private key biometric authentication system, Bank of America's real-time assessment of authenticity of a resource using non-fungible tokens, Cryptosoft's assessment and verification of Software Bill of Materials and vulnerabilities across a software supply chain life cycle using blockchain, Nanohive Medical's three-dimensional lattice structures for implants, Neuromersive's neural pathways creation/reinforcement by neural detection with virtual feedback, Phoenix Biotechnology's compositions for treating Coronavirus infection, Toyota's exoskeleton wheelchair system, Textron Innovation's submersible drone delivery and recovery system using waterproof aerial drone, and USAA's asset sharing using distributed ledger techniques.
Patented: Hunt Energy’s ‘Road‐Embedded’ Electrical Storage Batteries and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of October 17. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven's proactive request communication system with data prediction, Raytheon's laser weapon system with integrated targeting camera, Toyota's personalized adaptive cruise control that learns and mimics your driving style, Samsung's under-display smartphone camera for true full-screen experience, Intel's energy efficient bitcoin mining chip, NxGen Partners' miniaturized virus sterilization device using radio frequencies, Alcon's vision simulation for patients with eye conditions, Hunt Energy's road-embedded batteries, McAfee's methods and apparatus to defend against adversarial machine learning, Zengine's machine learning system for asymmetrical matching of medical providers and care receivers, and more.
Dallas Invents: 139 Patents Granted for Week of August 8
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 139 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Baylor Research Institute's vaccines against HPV- and HPV-related diseases, Better Vision Solutions' disinfecting contact lenses with a manganese-coated disc, FOI Group's automatic rotating agricultural system to irrigate, plant, gather forage, and/or harvest field and method for operating the system, Google's identifying a set of characters in a media file, Jpmorgan Chase Bank's system for integrating voice biometrics, Kyndryl's charging regulation model for electric vehicles on the road, Merative's determining drug effectiveness ranking for a patient using machine learning, Samsung's multi-sensor, multi-view, multi-frame, multi-task synthetic image fusion engine for mobile imaging system, State Farm's autonomous vehicle insurance based upon usage, Swiss-American CDMO's antimicrobial compositions that are non-toxic to mammals and plants, Thor Tech's mobile device tools for smart vehicle features operation and automatic wireless routing selection and methods of useAA's autonomous vehicle barricade, and Walmart Apollo's automatically annotating images.
Straddling Worlds: How Lynne Faust Balances a Thriving Life Science Career With Her Love for Equestrian Sports in Dallas-Fort Worth
Organic chemist Lynne Faust is a master at helping companies accelerate drug development at STA Pharmaceuticals, a top-tier contract research and development manufacturer. A move to Weatherford, 25 miles west of Fort Worth, didn't just catalyze her career—it also spurred on her long-time passion for competitive horseback riding, making her life a unique mix of test tubes and trotting.