Intellectual Property

Dallas Invents: 139 Patents Granted for Week of August 8

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 139 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Baylor Research Institute's vaccines against HPV- and HPV-related diseases, Better Vision Solutions' disinfecting contact lenses with a manganese-coated disc, FOI Group's automatic rotating agricultural system to irrigate, plant, gather forage, and/or harvest field and method for operating the system, Google's identifying a set of characters in a media file, Jpmorgan Chase Bank's system for integrating voice biometrics, Kyndryl's charging regulation model for electric vehicles on the road, Merative's determining drug effectiveness ranking for a patient using machine learning, Samsung's multi-sensor, multi-view, multi-frame, multi-task synthetic image fusion engine for mobile imaging system, State Farm's autonomous vehicle insurance based upon usage, Swiss-American CDMO's antimicrobial compositions that are non-toxic to mammals and plants, Thor Tech's mobile device tools for smart vehicle features operation and automatic wireless routing selection and methods of useAA's autonomous vehicle barricade, and Walmart Apollo's automatically annotating images.
Straddling Worlds: How Lynne Faust Balances a Thriving Life Science Career With Her Love for Equestrian Sports in Dallas-Fort Worth
by | Jun 28, 2023
Organic chemist Lynne Faust is a master at helping companies accelerate drug development at STA Pharmaceuticals, a top-tier contract research and development manufacturer. A move to Weatherford, 25 miles west of Fort Worth, didn't just catalyze her career—it also spurred on her long-time passion for competitive horseback riding, making her life a unique mix of test tubes and trotting.
Dallas Invents: 132 Patents Granted for Week of May 9
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven's topview item tracking using a sensor array, Advanced Neuromodulation Systems' method for controlling neurostimulation according to user activity and automated rescheduling of stimulation programs, IBM's clustering a set of natural language queries based on significant events, Lennox Industries' error correction for predictive schedules for a thermostat, PWC's continuous machine learning method and system for information extraction, ShockWatch's impact indicator, Target's sports bra support testing, and Textron Innovations' aircraft for transporting and deploying UAVs.
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Dallas Invents: 104 Patents Granted for Week of April 25
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: AXIP Energy Services' carbon dioxide capture from exhaust gas, Bank of America's intelligent cash handling, Capital One's vehicle identification driven by AR, DFB Soria's topical treatment for skin malignancies using nanoparticles of taxanes,'s artificial intelligence platform, Pacesetter's communication session between an implantable medical device and an external device, RailPros' automated railroad signage device, Tango Networks' enabling call originations using SMS and hotline capabilities, and Textron's distributed battery bank for ducted-rotor aircraft..

Dallas Invents: 120 Patents Granted for Week of March 21

Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Alcon's pad transfer printing method for making colored contact lenses, AT&T's emotion-based authentication service, Cancer Diagnostics Research Innovation's method for diagnosing and treating esophageal cancer, Citicorp Credit Services' multifactor authentication systems, Digital Tonic's augmented reality platform, Reliant Immune Diagnostics' microfluidic testing system for mobile veterinary applications, Sixgill's method of counting livestock, StaCyc's bike frame having a drive module enclosure, Textron Innovations' illuminated rope as an aircraft emergency egress aid, Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America's artificial muscles having vacuum coupled electrode insulators, Zixcorp Systems' delivery of an electronic message using a machine learning policy, and more.
Dallas Invents: 130 Patents Granted for Week of March 7
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 130 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Vpay's virtual payment card fraud detection, AT&T's modeling radio wave propagation in a 5G or other next generation network, Bank of America's resource performance and maintenance via distributed ledgers, The University of Texas System's peripheral nerve electrode for neural recording and stimulation, Boy Scouts of America's quadcopter drone, Capital One's method for determining an actual cost ownership, Custom Environmental Consulting's bathroom space saver and organizer, Dell's data integration demand management using artificial intelligence, DocuSign's electronic document interaction with external resources, Fortress Iron's deck framing system, Maxim Integrated Products' logging data in harsh environments, McAfee's methods to improve detection of malware based on ecosystem specific data, rewardStyle's affiliate link generation, Siemens Industry Software's build direction-based partitioning for construction of a physical object through additive manufacturing, Spectral MD's Machine learning for assessment, healing prediction, and treatment of wounds, and more.
Dallas Invents: 160 Patents Granted for Week of February 21
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Allied Inventory Systems' RFID-based inventory system, Apple's scheduling profile for UE power savings, Beta Air's energy tracking in an electric aircraft, Brunswick Corporation's marine propulsion system, Capital One's contact callback system, Garrity Power Services' cattle tracking system, Intellective Ai's anomaly score adjustment across anomaly generators, Ironwood Cyber's detecting malicious software using sensors, Smartdots' automated gate for robotic mowers, Speedgrocer's system for order fulfillment, SurgiSil's lip implant, Toyota's ultra-violet light sanitizing of a vehicle, Varidesk's quick assemble wall system, and more.
Dallas Invents: 142 Patents Granted for Week of February 14
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven's remote vending using an integrated vehicle vending machine, Astrapi's secure communication employing symbol waveform hopping, Beta Air's predicting degradation of a battery for use in an EV, Capital One's payment card with removable insert and identification elements, Lennox's HVAC system leak detection, Parisis' star heeled shoe, Safran Seats USA's inductive power transmission in aircraft seats, Spark Connected's wireless power transfer system, T-Mobile USA's multizone equipment tracking system, USAA's automatic problem detection from sounds, and more.

Dallas Invents: 133 Patents Granted for Week of May 31

by | Jun 29, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Amazon's automated sweepers for item sortation systems, Apple's presence discovery techniques, AT&T's consolidating content streams to conserve bandwidth, Cisco's dynamic policy-based on-boarding of devices in enterprise environments, and more.
Dallas Invents: 113 Patents Granted for Week of May 3
by | Jun 1, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 13 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Amazon's container capacity detection in sortation systems, American Airlines' demand forecasting systems and methods utilizing prime class remapping, Capital One's multi-lender loan management system, Finish Time Holdings' athlete tracking system, Purewine's beverage filtration device, Samsung's virtual tracking or registration areas for non terrestrial networks, Solo Brands' cooking utensil, and AT&T's remote configuration of scalable datacenter.
Dallas Invents: 121 Patents Granted for Week of April 26
by | May 25, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Capital One's auto-recovery for software system, Caris' next-gen molecular profiling, Nice Ltd.'s automated scheduling assistant for a workforce management system, University of Minnesota and Smithsonian Institution's cryopreservation compositions and methods involving nanowarming, State Farm's dynamic auto insurance policy quote creation based on tracked user data, and more.
Dallas Invents: 129 Patents Granted for Week of March 22
by | Apr 20, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. 1A Smart Start's wearable transdermal alcohol sensor device; Agarik Sas' method for scheduling computer tasks; and Botsitter's remote monitoring, care, and maintenance of animals.
Dallas Invents: 119 Patents Granted for Week of Feb. 15
by | Mar 16, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: ArchAngel Fire Systems' suppression of fire growth, Auris Health's axial motion drive for a robotic medical system, Bank of America's real-time authenticated obfuscation of electronic data, UT Systems' wireless tissue stimulation devices, C-Bond Systems' compositions for strengthening glass, Crown Holdings Management's cowboy hat with interior head protection, Kyndryl's autonomous vehicle detection, Textron Innovations' takeoff power boost, and Toyota's driver swapping.
Dallas Invents: 93 Patents Granted for Week of Sept. 28
by | Oct 13, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 12 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven's detection of shelf interactions using a sensor array, American Airlines' graph network model to determine a gate pushback time, Atense's virus immune computer system and method, AT&T Intellectual Property, Cricket Wireless LLC's method for detecting and acting upon a violation of terms of service, Texas Instruments' financial transaction system with sensors and tamper detection, and TMGCore's autonomous vehicle that can map a facility and navigate its way to a particular liquid cooling system.
Dallas Invents: 136 Patents Granted for Week of Sept. 14
by | Sep 28, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: AT&T's unified platform for managing telephone number ordering and procurement lifecycles, Cisco's blockchain for optimized fast-secure roaming on WLANs, Finish Time Holding's athlete tracking system and method for tracking an athlete during training sessions,'s  method for matching using location information, Renegade Logic automated network trading platform, SkyBitz's increasing asset utilization using satellite aided location tracking, Stryker Corp.'s operating room wireless power transfer, and Toyota's real-time trajectory optimization for hybrid energy management utilizing connected IT.