Intellectual Property

Dallas Invents: 144 Patents Granted for Week of September 20

by | Oct 3, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. • Frito-Lay’s plant protein snack with meat-like texture
• Treble Innovations’ portable wireless endoscope
• Toyota’s systems and methods for automatically cleaning wheels
• Good Sportsman Marketing’s communication device for hearing protection devices
• Panacea Quantum Leap Technology’s bidirectional sensor circuit
• Badge’s biometric public key system providing revocable credentials
• AMS International AG’s method and device for estimating ambient light
• Heart Test Laboratories’ quantitative heart testing
• Futurewei Technologies’ transaction-based hybrid memory
Dallas Invents: 133 Patents Granted for Week of May 31
by | Jun 29, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Amazon's automated sweepers for item sortation systems, Apple's presence discovery techniques, AT&T's consolidating content streams to conserve bandwidth, Cisco's dynamic policy-based on-boarding of devices in enterprise environments, and more.
Dallas Invents: 113 Patents Granted for Week of May 3
by | Jun 1, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 13 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Amazon's container capacity detection in sortation systems, American Airlines' demand forecasting systems and methods utilizing prime class remapping, Capital One's multi-lender loan management system, Finish Time Holdings' athlete tracking system, Purewine's beverage filtration device, Samsung's virtual tracking or registration areas for non terrestrial networks, Solo Brands' cooking utensil, and AT&T's remote configuration of scalable datacenter.
Dallas Invents: 121 Patents Granted for Week of April 26
by | May 25, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 11 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Capital One's auto-recovery for software system, Caris' next-gen molecular profiling, Nice Ltd.'s automated scheduling assistant for a workforce management system, University of Minnesota and Smithsonian Institution's cryopreservation compositions and methods involving nanowarming, State Farm's dynamic auto insurance policy quote creation based on tracked user data, and more.

Dallas Invents: 123 Patents Granted for Week of March 8

by | Apr 5, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Advanced Custom Engineered Systems Equipment Co. apparatus for monitoring waste removal, Amera loT's apparatus for imprinting private key on IoT, Bank of America's network security system for rogue devices, Baylor Research Institute's nucleic acids encoding anti-CD40 antibodies, D4D Technologies' intra-oral scanning device with active delete of unwanted scanned items, Halliburton's autonomous tractor using counter flow-driven propulsion, IBM's electronic messaging display optimization, Lenovo's presentation of AR content based on identification of trigger accompanying video content, Toyota's creating a valuable video clip using metadata flagging, and Wells Fargo Bank's ATM bill pay.
Dallas Invents: 119 Patents Granted for Week of Feb. 15
by | Mar 16, 2022
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: ArchAngel Fire Systems' suppression of fire growth, Auris Health's axial motion drive for a robotic medical system, Bank of America's real-time authenticated obfuscation of electronic data, UT Systems' wireless tissue stimulation devices, C-Bond Systems' compositions for strengthening glass, Crown Holdings Management's cowboy hat with interior head protection, Kyndryl's autonomous vehicle detection, Textron Innovations' takeoff power boost, and Toyota's driver swapping.
Dallas Invents: 93 Patents Granted for Week of Sept. 28
by | Oct 13, 2021
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 12 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven's detection of shelf interactions using a sensor array, American Airlines' graph network model to determine a gate pushback time, Atense's virus immune computer system and method, AT&T Intellectual Property, Cricket Wireless LLC's method for detecting and acting upon a violation of terms of service, Texas Instruments' financial transaction system with sensors and tamper detection, and TMGCore's autonomous vehicle that can map a facility and navigate its way to a particular liquid cooling system.

Bank of America Set a Company Record for Patents Granted In the First Half of 2021. One Big Reason? Addison’s Manu Kurian.

by | Sep 1, 2021
Bank of America had a company-record 227 patents granted during the first half of 2021. One of its biggest inventors? Addison-based Global Banking SVP Manu Kurian, who ranks in the top 300 patent holders on earth. He's filed more than 360 patents since 2014, with more than 240 of those having been granted.
Here’s Why This Southlake-Based VC Is Investing in the Future of Skin Health
by | May 10, 2021
Gore Range Capital, which is relatively new to North Texas, focuses on the "largest organ and the most visible manifestation of who we are": the skin. Led by Ethan Rigel, the firm closed its successful debut fund in 2019 and recently launched a second. In a Q&A, Rigel offers some advice for founders on how to manage risk, start raising capital, leverage partnerships, and enter negotiations.
Toyota Motor North America Continues To Lead in R&D Patents Among Automakers
by | Feb 9, 2021
Toyota added 2,819 patents to its collection in 2020—up four percent from the previous year. The Plano-headquartered company says it invests over $1 million in emerging technology globally every hour.
Experts Share Five Things Health Care Startups Need to Know About Securities and Health Care Laws
by | Oct 5, 2020
In a recent Dallas Startup Week discussion, Polsinelli Shareholder Adam Hull and Gray Reed Senior Counsel Matthew Lipton gave advice on regulations, insurance reimbursements, and intellectual property issues.

Need a Power Boost? Dallas Startup to Install Charging Stations for Smart Devices

by | Feb 8, 2018
Juice-BX is part of the first batch of startups to be bred out of a partnership between West Coast-based Invention Science Fund Incubator and Utah-based Technetium.
connected car
Toyota Gets License to Use
Microsoft Connected Car Tech
by | Mar 24, 2017
The deal marks the most extensive intellectual property agreement Microsoft has made with an automaker.