Dallas Startup Week: Trending Global Technology Influences Dallas



It’s no secret that the United States -– and Dallas along with it – is booming technologically. And, global trends are a big part of that boom.

Brad Bush, chief operating officer at Dialexa, was on a panel on Trends in Global Technology at Dallas Startup Week that attracted business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from Dallas-Fort Worth to explore the future technology trends in Dallas.

Bush discussed the human relationship to technology at the Dallas Startup Week panel.

“The ability for technology to bring out our humanness is not being talked about enough.” – Brad Bush

“The ability for technology to bring out our humanness is not being talked about enough,” Bush said. “We need to learn from people like Bill Gates who understand technology.”

He said that technology in itself isn’t to blame. Rather, the current way in which we interact with technology, such as social isolation, is what has negative implications.

“We are seeing an uptrend in how we interact with technology, look at Amazon Echo,” Bush said. “The device responds to voice commands; you don’t have to look down at a screen. It’s more in our modality of being human with each other.”


Bush spoke on the scalability of augmented reality and the impact it will have on the service industry.

“The first augmented reality surgery was done this week, for training purposes,” Bush told attendees. “The trainees could see the statistics while watching the surgery through the doctor’s eyes.”

He said that 2016 is the year of trailblazing, and 2017 will be the year of scaling for augmented reality.

“The demand is stronger than the supply and there will be several million headsets sold this year,” Bush said. “Oculus Rift is behind in orders; every new headset of virtual and augmented reality goes on backorder immediately.”

He said the ability to scale expertise and create overlays of data with augmented reality will improve the service and industrial industries.

As technology continues to thrive, a number of trends with big implications have emerged globally. Bush highlighted the five Global Trends that will impact Dallas.

Top 5 Global Technology Trends

  • Ubiquitous Computing and Communication: The ability to have all the technology we use become a computing and communication device – that’s what the internet of things is really about, this exponential and ubiquitous computing and communication trend being accelerated.
  • Artificial intelligence: If we take a set domain and teach it certain patterns of how to take a feedback loop that learns about its ecosystem the sky is the limit. Learning algorithms are now working faster than ever.
  • Augmented Reality: It’s the next cloud computing platform that will allow us to travel to new places and create more empathy because it will allow us to talk to each other a virtual world.
  • Big Data: We can market, understand, communicate, and learn more efficiently with big data.
  • Application Programming Interface: It’s one of the biggest trends that’s been missed by everyone else, it’s the ability for programmers to talk with other applications without having to program – It takes minutes to connect applications.

Global Chamber Dallas at Dallas Startup Week: 

Korina Smith, executive director of the Global Chamber Dallas, who sponsored the panel, said she was pleased to be a part of Dallas Startup Week.

“We [Global Chamber Dallas] were thrilled to participate in Dallas Startup Week,” Smith said. “We know that by keeping innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders connected to us, we will help them thrive with their global expansion goals. We want to help individual businesses and Dallas at large flourish.”

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