Dallas Innovates: The [Tech] Talent Issue

Talent is the No. 1 thing on the minds of North Texas leaders. Our special edition magazine dives into how companies, culture, and community are making Dallas-Fort Worth a force for the future.

All companies are tech companies.

Dallas Innovates: The [Tech] Talent Issue, a special edition of the Dallas Innovates magazine, looks at how companies in Dallas-Fort Worth are attracting and retaining the best talent. Startups, corporates, nonprofits, and organizations work hard to create a strong culture, promote diversity, and implement training programs that can help achieve success. As Hypergiant Industries CEO and co-founder Ben Lamm puts it, companies need to push culture to the extreme: it needs to be cult-like. 

In the Office Envy feature, we showcase some of the most innovative, talent-attracting offices in North Texas. These companies—rewardStyle, McKesson, The Richards Group, and more—have spaces that not only reflect culture, but promote good work, good health, and (often) good times for their employees.

We also tell you about six technology companies that, when it comes to innovation, are “walking the walk” as well as “talking the talk.” And, you’ll read out about why jobseekers with an appetite for risks and rewards will be at home in North Texas, find news on job-hunting in Dallas-Fort Worth, learn tips from executives on how to get hired, and see why working for a nonprofit might be your perfect move. 

From corporate stalwarts to startups, social impact and conscious capitalism-driven businesses to nonprofits, the Dallas Innovates: The [Tech] Talent issue takes a deep dive into the companies and people that are continuously making Dallas-Fort Worth a force for the future.

Take a look inside.

Table of Contents

In the pages of Dallas Innovates: The [Tech] Talent Issue, you’ll find…


Tech Mecca
Dallas-Fort Worth ranks as the nation’s fifth-fastest growing high-tech job creator.

‘All Companies are Tech Companies’
A diverse employer base makes the region a destination for top talent and millennials.

Cybersecurity On the Rise
Area firms are working to combat emerging threats.

Start Me Up
Top talent with an appetite for risks and rewards can be at home at a North Texas startup.

Looking for a Job?
You’ve come to the right place.

Making the Team
Top companies share advice for prospective employees.

Mission Matters
For a combination of passion and purpose, consider a nonprofit: It might be a perfect career move.


Office Envy
A company’s office is more than just workspace—it’s a reflection of its culture, and one of the most important tools for attracting and retaining top talent. Take a visual tour of rewardStyle, Toyota, Capital One, The Richards Group, and more.

A Case of the Mondays? (Not if these six firms have anything to do about it.)
These Dallas-Fort Worth tech firms are primed to maximize culture and innovation.


Hack Culture
Asterisk’s hackathons meet a variety of needs for its clients, ranging from problem-solving to recruiting job candidates.

Meaning, Mission, Immersion
Here’s how the Dallas region draws top IT talent.

Cultivating a Solid Pipeline
Dallas-Fort Worth is a deep talent pool from which we can draw. That’s something all companies—large and small— and nonprofits depend on.


Robotics Rock Stars
The world’s largest robotics competition is headed back to Dallas for the first time in a decade.

Future World
Universities are preparing tech workers for the rapidly changing world.

Jobs of the Future
Here’s the hottest areas of tech education.

Education Matters to Business
Fueling the high-tech pipeline starts at every level of education.


Meet Your Makers
This nonprofit is called the “world’s largest makerspace of its kind.”

The Story of Us
Where to meet the like-minded to talk tech and start stuff in DFW.

Coworking Collaboration
The region has 3.4 million square feet of coworking space. Here are four niche communities that stand out.


The Heart of a Company
A philanthropic mindset can ripple throughout an entire organization.

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