Dallas’ Blue Box Offers HVAC Coronavirus Scrubbing Solution

Blue Box Air—which recently made the decision to relocate its headquarters to North Texas, and will officially move next week—has a patented process to combat COVID-19 in HVAC systems.

Blue Box Air, which recently relocated to Dallas, has a new disinfection protocol to combat COVID-19 infiltrating commercial HVAC systems.

Blue Box’s disinfection protocol uses its patented process for penetrating HVAC systems’ heat transfer coils. The process removes existing biofilm deposits using an enzyme treatment formulation before injecting chlorine dioxide through the heat transfer coils to kill further microbial growth. 

The protocol was piloted in New York City and is now rolling out throughout the country, including Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington DC. 

“By addressing the HVAC system in this manner, we can greatly improve the safety of any facility’s air as it circulates through a building,” Jim Metropoulos, CEO of Blue Box, said in a statement.  ”Our objective is to mitigate the risks of coronavirus, as well as any other microbes, being circulated through the HVAC system and using the coils as a breeding ground.” 

The company developed its method of cleaning and disinfecting commercial HVAC heat transfer coils for optimizing building energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. The new process involves a changed formulation along with the new disinfection protocol. 

“Blue Box is at the forefront of revolutionizing how companies think about the carbon footprint and the quality of their indoor air,” Metropoulos said. “On this end, we are combining our innovation of how to clean and disinfect a building’s HVAC as a new approach to how companies can greatly reduce their building’s energy consumption and indoor air quality that both reduces their carbon footprint while reducing their operating costs.”

All air in a commercial building passes through the HVAC coils, he explained. So, Blue Box developed the first process to penetrate the coils and remove biological fouling. The new protocol adds a powerful disinfectant to the process. Currently, Blue Box services many of the leading medical institutions within  the United States, and it has begun sharing its new disinfection protocol for rapid adoption.

“It also turns out that our technology makes it possible to thoroughly disinfect a building’s HVAC system, providing a powerful new tool for mitigating the risks and dangers of COVID-19,” Metropoulos said. “We are looking forward to growing Blue Box in Dallas and hope to be a new part of the city’s business environment.”

Blue Box is making the move to Dallas next week

The Blue Box team recently made the decision to take its headquarters south to Dallas. Next week, the company will move into offices at 3927 Main Street in Deep Ellum. 

The Blue Box team is moving to Deep Ellum this upcoming week. [Photo: Courtesy Blue Box]

Metropoulos told us several reasons contributed to the relocation.

For starters, Texas is one of Blue Box’s biggest markets, with technology, operations, and clients already in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and South Texas. But Blue Box also services clients nationwide, so Dallas’ location in the center of the country greatly improves the team’s travel abilities and opportunities to meet with clients.

Blue Box is growing at a very rapid pace, too, and as Metropoulos builds out the management team and administration, the cost of living in Dallas offered an attractive proposition for employees. “Finally, Dallas is a gorgeous city and the people are great—in the end, it was a pretty easy decision,” he said. “From a business perspective, I would say the tax-friendly nature of Texas was a big part of our decision process.”

Blue Box will be relocating five employees immediately, and expects to hire 30-50 more within the next 12 months.

“The lower cost of living, taxes, and the lower cost of real estate will greatly facilitate our growth as a new company,” Metropoulos said. “North Texas also provides Blue Box with a very rich market for our services in optimizing buildings’ energy efficiency with many of the country’s leading businesses now relocating their HQ’s to North Texas.”

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