The Man Factor: Dallas-Based Reproductive Solutions Inc. Offers “First At-Home Solution” For Filling The IVF Cup

Dallas- and Lubbock-based Reproductive Solutions Inc. (RSI) is offering the “first at-home solution” for the in-vitro fertilization process that begins at the beginning—the semen collection.

Typically the collection is done in a medical office in awkward, high-pressure circumstances, using a simple plastic urine cup. The specimen can begin to degrade in these cups in less than an hour. 

RSI’s solution: ProteX, a patented, FDA-listed, insulated container that funnels the sample into a small holding well, protecting the specimen for up to 48 hours from shifts in temperature and PH, osmotic stress, and decreases in motility.

This time window allows the sample to be collected privately in the prospective father’s home, without the need to race it instantly to the lab.

Developed at Texas Tech’s Health Science Center

ProteX was developed in partnership with RSI at Texas Tech University’s Health Science Center by a team led by Dr. Samuel Prien, professor and director of clinical and research laboratories at Texas Tech. RSI says the team was the first in over 35 years to revolutionize the collection and protection of semen in the best physiological environment.

“Roughly 40% of infertility problems can be traced to the male partner, yet there has been little focus on improving the male side of the fertility equation in the clinical work,” said Diana Peninger, RSI’s president and CEO. “As the first advance in semen collection, our ProteX container not only allows samples to be collected at home without compromising quality but also provides a healthier specimen with the potential to increase the odds of conception. This is a significant development for couples as well as clinics.”

Multiple studies have been presented

RSI first introduced ProteX to the fertility community in 2019. It says seven studies have been presented to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and another has been published in the Journal of Dairy, Veterinary, and Animal Research. 

RSI is now partnering with clinics across the U.S.—including Chicago’s Reproductive Medicine Institute—to pilot, evaluate, and integrate ProteX.

The company plans to launch in international markets in the next 12 months. It’s currently working with U.K.-based clinics toward the U.K.’s equivalent of FDA approval for ProteX. RSI has a strategic expansion plan for the rest of Europe after it’s gained traction in the U.K.

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