Dallas-Based ClearShift Partners with Illinois Company To Advance Zero-Carbon Specialty Chemicals

Illinois' Univar Solutions said it will help provide ClearShift with a channel to market its "high-grade, carbon-neutral specialty chemicals" that are slated to come online in 2027 from a forthcoming ClearShift facility in Louisiana.

ClearShift—a Dallas-based producer of “ultra-pure, environmentally friendly” fuels and specialty chemicals—is partnering with Illinois-based Univar Solutions to offer “high-grade, carbon-neutral specialty chemicals” from a forthcoming ClearShift facility in Louisiana.

Founded in 2017, ClearShift is a leader in developing gas-to-liquids technology. The startup produces carbon-neutral specialty chemicals and low-carbon fuels using a cutting-edge “gas-to-liquids” process that replaces oil-based chemicals.

ClearShift’s tech converts methane, flare gas, and CO2 into “non-combustible specialty chemicals, removing the associated CO2 from the air permanently,” the company says. Originally launched as Advantage Midstream, the startup adopted its ClearShift branding in December 2020.

Image: PR Newswire / Univar Solutions LLC

“We help companies turn their gas/CO2 into a new revenue source—converting pollution into profit, while also reducing their carbon footprint,” the company adds.

ClearShift’s gas-to-liquids process “consumes less water and less energy per gallon than legacy oil-based products, and produces no by-products such as sulfur or tar,” the company has said. As of late 2020, its products included solvents, mineral spirits, and GTL waxes that serve a diverse set of end markets, including personal care, agriculture, food additives, paints and coatings, and household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products.

CEO: ‘A major impact on societal transition toward a cleaner climate’

“Delivering carbon neutral products at an affordable price is a huge step toward reducing the world’s carbon footprint,” ClearShift CEO John Stephenson said in a statement. “With the help of Univar Solutions, our products will have a major impact on societal transition toward a cleaner climate for generations to come.”

Univar Solutions said it will help provide ClearShift with a channel to market its premium carbon-friendly products that are expected to come online in 2027. The relationship also aims to help bring to market a suite of products for customers from around the world who are seeking “more sustainable solutions.”

 “At Univar Solutions, we’re committed to creating a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world,” said Kelly Gilroy, the company’s VP of sustainable & natural products. “Our relationship with ClearShift is another positive step toward a lower carbon future as we support customers on their sustainability journeys.”

Louisiana facility slated to produce 38M gallons of chemicals per year

ClearShift said the goal for its forthcoming Louisiana facility is to produce “over 38 million gallons per year (230 million pounds per year) of high-grade, carbon neutral specialty chemicals.”

The company also produces clean hydrogen, which is consumed in its non-combustion production process. 

Piper Sandler is serving as ClearShift’s exclusive financial advisor.

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