Children’s Health Adds New Brand, Technology

Children's Health rolls out 21st-century patient services, including applications and appointment kiosks.

Children’s Health is expanding its brand and services, by launching Family Health on Tuesday, marking the company’s first separate brand and first venture into adult health care according to D Healthcare Daily.

The company’s expansion doesn’t stop at a new brand; it also will incorporate technology into its practices with both brands.

D Healthcare Daily says the brand will offer Family Health On Call, an application for on-demand house calls and pharmacy kiosks called Family Health Virtual Visit, that give patients virtual access to health care professionals.

“We’re providing amazing care in hospitals, but we’re also finding ways to get back to the home,” Julie Hall-Barrow, vice president of virtual health and innovation at Children’s Health, told D Healthcare.

Strong Partnerships Play a Role in New Technology

The application was originally created through partnership with Mend for Children’s and now has been fully integrated into both brands.

“We’re able to utilize all the resources that Children’s has and now offer it through Family Health,” Christiana Yebra, Mend spokeswoman, told D Heathcare, adding that the application served about eight patients a day before Tuesday’s re-launch. “We did a lot of research into what patients were looking for and built that in.”

The Family Health Virtual Visits service was created through partnership with American Well, a Boston-based company. Kiosks come equipped with tools to record a patient’s vital signs, offer patients live access to healthcare professionals via video call, and allow patients to handle following appointments via their mobile device, according to D Healthcare.

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