Blue Box Grows HVAC Coronavirus Scrubbing Solution and Raises Capital

Following a recent HQ move to Dallas, Blue Box is now bullish on its future. Its disinfection protocol is being used in numerous major cities and an additional capital raise of $2.5M is complete.

Last month, we told you about Blue Box Air’s new disinfection protocol to combat COVID-19 infiltrating commercial HVAC systems. The company had recently decided to relocate its headquarters from California to Deep Ellum in Dallas, and was gearing up for more rapid growth.

With the HQ move complete, the Blue Box team is now focused on helping out on the front lines of the coronavirus fight.

Blue Box’s new disinfection protocol uses its patented process for penetrating HVAC systems’ heat transfer coils. All air in a commercial building passes through the HVAC coils, so Blue Box developed the first process to penetrate the coils and remove biological fouling (also a more energy efficient method). This means COVID-19 won’t be able to take root and further spread, according to CEO Jim Metropoulos.

“This now starts to open up a whole new conversation around Blue Box where a healthy building is now an efficient building,” Metropoulos wrote in an email. “This is a solution and a value proposition that is now truly unique because I am also pretty sure that of all the disinfection projects currently underway in the world, only Blue Box is a solution that is delivering energy savings, reducing operating costs, and lowering carbon emissions, all while mitigating the risks of COVID-19.”

The protocol—now part of Blue Box’s standard treatment process—is currently being used in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, Houston, and Las Vegas. For instance, Blue Box began disinfection this weekend for Houston’s NRG Stadium, which is currently being converted into a hospital for COVID-19 patients. Blue Box is also offering nursing homes and homeless shelters the treatment at no charge.

That’s why Metropoulos wrote that Blue Box has experienced its own share of disruptions during coronavirus, but his long term assessment remains positive.

For Blue Box, I see a very bright future ahead. Because of COVID-19, the world’s attention is now focused on the issue of air. Specifically, the world is concerned about the safety of air and it has been forced to develop a new awareness of how indoor air can affect human health. For example, people are now concerned about traveling on airplanes or staying in hotel rooms or even going to work all because of the safety concerns air. These are attitudes that will not fade quickly and it means this will be an issue that many businesses will now be thinking hard about. For a company whose mission is to “Innovate Air”, I think we are well-positioned to both introduce new solutions to businesses that can address their current needs as well as to help them move forward into the future. 

Metropoulos also noted that COVID-19 caused him to do an additional capital raise and rethink his joint venture initiatives. Blue Box recently finalized a new raise of $2.5 million at a $25 million valuation, and Metropoulos consolidated his oil and gas joint venture and brought on the Blue Box Energy team onto Blue Box Air.

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