3 Things: Dialexa E-Book Offers ‘Recipes’ For VR, AR Success


A new e-book offers tips for using virtual and augmented realities in business, an education startup that focuses on technology is coming to Dallas, and the Dallas Cowboys are going to use new technologies to improve their game.

How can you successfully integrate virtual and augmented realities into your business? Dallas-based Dialexa has created a “cookbook” for that. The free downloadable book offers 11 “recipes,” (aka use-case scenarios) such as overlying real-time data onto the real world, a job interview walkthrough, and various training and education lessons. Dialexa’s Chief Operating Officer Brad Bush gives a sampling of the tips here

General Assembly plans to add 10 new physical campuses, including one located in Dallas. The technology and data institution offers classes for coding, UX and design, data, marketing, and career development. Course options also vary from full-time, part-time, in-person, online, workshops, and even special events and university programs. Read more about the expansion here

The Dallas Cowboys will begin using chip-equipped footballs during preseason games to keep track of stats and ultimately improve their game. Data collected by the chips will include the distance the ball travels on a given play, the football’s proximity to the goal posts on a field goal or point-after-touchdown attempt, and the location of defenders relative to the ball when it’s thrown or caught. The Star-Telegram has more about the new stat collection tool here

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