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The People Making Us a Well-Read City

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg
Will Evans, founder of Deep Vellum Publishing; Photo by Kyla Davidson

Will Evans, founder of Deep Vellum Publishing; Photo by Kyla Davidson

The Dallas literary renaissance is upon us—and it has arrived quickly.

“There was a huge gap here even just two and a half years ago,” says Will Evans, founder …

Dallas Fort-Worth: A Call To Innovate

Posted by Trey Bowles

The term “innovation” is often thrown around, a catchall term used to fill in a gap. If something is different or new or controversial or expensive, or if we don’t have another buzzword to use, we call it innovative, and …

Reel FX and Polyphonic Spree Present: A Live-Action Virtual Reality Concert

Posted by Krista Nightengale

At first, it looks like any other video. Tim DeLaughter, frontman of the Polyphonic Spree, begins singing a Christmas song. The multiple-member band strikes up. People in costumes come through, and then the video cuts to a scene in the …

Why We Need to Grow our Eco-System, not an Echo Chamber

Posted by Clarisa Lindenmeyer

All industries have badges of honor. In the startup world, the badge consists of working on software, raising capital, chatting on Slack, keeping up with the latest tech trends, attending hackathons, preparing pitches, working at co-working spaces, and, sometimes, it’s …

Texas Instruments Honors Its History of Innovation via Kilby Labs

Posted by Dan Koller

If you think of Texas Instruments as a calculator company, you’re not alone; its employees hear that all the time, thanks to the brand’s dominance in the elementary calculators market for young students.

“That’s where you first come across the …

With Director Aboard, Regional Patent Office Buzzing With Activity

Posted by Dan Koller

After the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced plans to establish three regional outposts beyond its first one in Detroit, more than 50 cities were considered as potential locations. When all was said and done, Dallas was one of …

How North Texas Helped Discover the God Particle

Posted by Patrick Kobler

In July 2012, two teams of the world’s leading scientists discovered the Higgs boson (also known as the God Particle), a manifestation of the field that all particles interact with to acquire mass. The discovery of the Higgs boson—a particle …

The Great Seed Bomb: One Woman’s Idea for Saving the Planet

Posted by Tara Nieuwesteeg

Pollinators are important. Not just because it’s crucial that we preserve our planet’s biodiversity and undo the environmental harm we’ve caused, but because our food sources need pollinators. There are 90 commercially grown crops that depend on honeybee pollination. Thirty-five …

Cloud Storage: 5 Things To Know About Storing Digital Content

Posted by Verizon

The digital content we consume has become increasingly richer and of higher volume, taking up more space on our computers, phones, and tablets than ever before. To avoid running out of valuable storage capacity, many have turned to cloud services …

Alcon Experience Center Helps Eye-Care Company Share Its Vision

Posted by Dan Koller

Alcon has grown exponentially since Robert Alexander and William Conner slapped the first syllables of their last names on a Fort Worth pharmacy in 1945. What started out as a two-man operation is now a global company with 25,000 employees …