Wobble Chairs are Bouncing into Dallas ISD Classrooms

Some teachers are choosing flexible seating options to help maximize their students' learning.

Wobble Chairs

Traditional desk chairs are out in some Dallas ISD classrooms, making way for flexible seating options such as Wobble chairs, stability balls, or pillows on the floor, according to The Dallas Morning News

Flexible seating allows students to choose seating that matches their learning style. 

Jennifer Cass, a second-grade teacher at Hexter Elementary, is one of the teachers who has chosen to remove traditional desk chairs from her classroom. 

“I have a lot of students who like to fidget or move while they work, and regular chairs don’t allow them to do that,” said Cass. “Wobble chairs allow them to move around while they learn.”

A 2015 study by Davis MIND Institute at the University of California discovered that it can benefit children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. 

The study of pre-teens and teenagers with ADHD examined how movement — its intensity and frequency — correlated with accuracy on cognitively demanding tasks requiring good attention. It found that participants who moved more intensely exhibited substantially better cognitive performance, according to a release.

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