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Dallas High School

Old Dallas High School Getting New Life

by | Apr 17, 2017
The 107-year-old building, once destined for the wrecking ball, aims to acquire three separate third-party sustainability ratings.
Toyota Steps Up Its Robotics With New Leg Brace
by | Apr 13, 2017
The automaker will open its North American headquarters in Plano next month.
Photomadic Launches Digital Photo Booth For Brand Marketing
by | Apr 5, 2017
Wave is a dual-screened kiosk with a built-in iPad app that allows brands to manage campaigns from the Dallas startup's cloud-based dashboard.
UNT Researcher Studies Pollution, Cardiovascular Disease Link
by | Dec 9, 2016
Amie Lund is researching the connection between air pollution and deaths caused cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Southwest Airlines Accepting Grant Applications

by | Nov 29, 2016
Southwest Airlines is accepting applications for it's Heart of the Community Grants until Dec. 5 to strengthen communities and stimulate local economies through placemaking.
Wobble Chairs
Wobble Chairs are Bouncing into Dallas ISD Classrooms
by | Oct 24, 2016
Some teachers are choosing flexible seating options to help maximize their students' learning.
3 Things That Will Change Innovation at Your Company Forever
by | Feb 25, 2016
Accept that you are not driving (or even fostering) innovation. You are allowing innovation.