Winter is Coming to Dallas With the Game Of Thrones Augmented Reality Experience

HBO is partnering with AT&T and AR startup Magic Leap to celebrate the TV show's final season—and let fans attempt to take on a White Walker—through immersive technology.

Take your best shot at battling Game of Thrones’ infamous White Walkers with AT&T’s new AR game exclusive to only five cities—including Dallas.

The game, titled “The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter,” will be available to play at select AT&T stores in early April, with the Dallas launch expected to be later this month. Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles will also feature the limited-time event.

The experience is described as an “immersive encounter” that will allow players to “vanquish the Army of the Dead,” according to Magic Leap. Players will face off against wights and a White Walker with no edges of the screen able to protect you.

If you don’t watch the show, wights are dead-looking creatures attempting to kill everything in sight, and White Walkers are the icy blue humanoids trying to take over all of existence.

[Photo: Courtesy AT&T]

The demos will start in an area resembling King’s Landing and lead to the deadly world that lies beyond the Wall.

“There’s no better way to celebrate the finale of this epic HBO show than to give its devoted, passionate fans opportunities to immerse themselves in the Game of Thrones world leading into the final season,” Zach Enterlin, HBO’s executive vice president of program marketing, said in a statement.

The demo will be featured on the Magic Leap One, a headset and controller that allows users to see their physical surroundings combined with a digital interface. This system creates a unique AR experience that both GOT fans and people who have never watched can enjoy. And, for those that love the Magic Leap One experience enough to take it home with them, they can buy it at participating AT&T stores for $2,295. 

[Photo: Courtesy AT&T]

This isn’t the first time that Game of Thrones has experimented with augmented reality. At this year’s SXSW, the HBO series had a grand audiovisual event, complete with an interactive experience and a partnership with the American Red Cross for #BleedForTheThrone blood donations. HBO also partnered with Snapchat by using the app’s “AR Marker Tech Lenses” to create four AR experiences for attendees to unlock by videoing images throughout the location. 

Although GOT is coming to an end, AT&T’s new game can help draw out the excitement a little longer (at least until the prequel series is released). Although you might not be able to save your favorite characters from Game of Thrones’ wrath, this AR experience might bring you closer to knowing what the realms of Westeros are actually like.

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