Win-Win SaaS Solution: Bed Beacon Helps Patients Find Faster Care While Providers Realize Bigger Profits

CEO and founder Katie Jarvis wants to solve the "bed blockage in healthcare."

“It turns out that there’s a business case for being considerate of other people.” 

The extra time that a patient spends in the hospital searching for a place to go is time that a patient waits in the ER for that same hospital bed, says Bed Beacon CEO and founder Katie Jarvis.

Jarvis, a doctor who faced brain surgery during college, knows what it’s like to be a patient. Her SaaS solution matches resources to patients, efficiently connecting hospitals with info on available beds in post-care facilities to reduce cost and length of stay. 

It’s proven to be especially pivotal during the pandemic, she says. “It turns out that there’s a business case for being considerate of other people,” 

Farmers Branch-based Bed Beacon aims to help families find the right care facility for their loved ones.

“As a hospital doctor, I see families struggling with decisions about where to go. It’s especially hard when they can’t visit facilities,” she says.

How is Bed Beacon a game-changer for the medical industry?

“By creating efficiency in healthcare organizations, we enhance profitability.  This means that patients get faster care while healthcare facilities make bigger profits,” Jarvis says. “We also help patients find care tailored to their preferences.  This translates into patients being more satisfied with their care as they are matched closely with their facilities.”

From Braille business cards and a colorblind compatible platform to including hospice facilities for kids with cancer and where seniors can use food stamps, Bed Beacon seeks to be responsive to users.

“We level the playing field for patients,” she says. “It is incredibly important for all people from all walks of life to be able to find the help they need and want.

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