3 Things: Will Facebook Go All Video in 5 Years?


Today’s stories include the future of Facebook, Texas’ economy is still a powerhouse, and a famed manufacturer is going to roll out an all-electric motorcycle. 

Ok, admit it. You’re on Facebook, and you really love to watch cat videos, dog videos, food videos — any kind of video. A report in the Dallas Business Journal said that within five years, Facebook could be all video. That’s right, all video. The social media site delivers 4 billion video views a day, the article said, up from 1 billion video views in 2014. Facebook is seeing a decline in text, the story said, and video offers the potential for massive revenue — $3.8 billion from video advertising by 2017. You can find out more here.

Even with all the doom and gloom in recent years over the state of the oil and gas industry in Texas, the Lone Star state’s economy is still doing pretty well. That’s the conclusion of the personal finance website WalletHub, which ranked the Texas economy No. 9 among the 50 states in its recent list of best and worst economies. Part of the formula to determine rankings was the state’s “innovation potential.” To find out more, read here.

Motorcycles are a common site rumbling along Texas highways, some carrying lone riders and others riding in large packs, their loud roar alerting other motorists to their approach. That sound could change within five years, however, when famed manufacturer Harley-Davidson said it will roll out an all-electric motorcycle. Texas is one of the most-popular states in the nation for motorcyclists, with roughly 450,000 motorcycles registered in the state. I can hear it now — a quiet Harley passing a quiet Tesla.

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