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Mroads Video Interview Tool Eases Hiring Process

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Five years ago, mroads founder Rahul Kukreti created a program that would allow any small business owner to create a custom app using a template and a few clicks.

That failed.  


Rahul Kukreti. Photo Courtesy mroads

But Kukreti learned something …

3 Things: Will Facebook Go All Video in 5 Years?

Posted by Lance Murray

Today’s stories include the future of Facebook, Texas’ economy is still a powerhouse, and a famed manufacturer is going to roll out an all-electric motorcycle. 

Ok, admit it. You’re on Facebook, and you really love to watch cat videos, …

Used Judiciously, Drones Can Enrich Property’s Story

Posted by Gina Kacamburas


Drones aren’t just the latest fad in consumer gadgets — their unique angles and inspiring footage mean that they will be an important tool for property marketers, managers and site selectors for years to …

Would You Take Tax Advice From a Robot?

Posted by Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters, a global sponsor of TED2016, is pleased to bring you a talk from Tax & Accounting President Brian Peccarelli who asks the question, “Would you take tax advice from a robot?”

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AT&T to Launch 3 New DirecTV Streaming Options

Posted by Lance Murray

AT&T Inc. continues to build the momentum from its $48 billion acquisition of DirecTV last year.

AT&T announced Tuesday that its customers will get three new streaming options in the fourth quarter of 2016 from the Dallas-based telecom giant’s DirecTV …

Watch: Emily Heger With Akola Project

Posted by Krista Nightengale

Emily Heger with the Akola Project discusses why North Texas is the best place to operate from, and she gives us her definition of innovation. “Innovation to me means tackling really hard problems with really creative solutions,” she says.


Watch: Jeremy Stewart With Hari Mari

Posted by Krista Nightengale

Jeremy Stewart, owner of Hari Mari, talks about the best advice he has ever received, the importance of creating a product that gives back, and starting a business in North Texas. “I’ve never been in a place where entrepreneurs …

Watch: Lauren Clarke With Mend

Posted by Krista Nightengale

Mend brings healthcare to you. Co-founder Lauren Clarke talks about the entrepreneur scene in North Texas, the inspiration of female businesswomen, and resources for creating your own startup.

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Virtual Reality Is Here

Posted by DHD Films

Virtual reality began as an impossible idea, living only in the imagination of the Jetsens. Yet in the past few years, it has become a tangible goal. Such technologies as the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard make this seem like …

Four Ways Video Technology is Changing Humans—And How Your Brand Should Adapt

Posted by DHD Films

Video technology is changing the face of marketing. However, recent research shows that the shift towards video has changed humans, too. Check out these interesting ways in which online video has changed human behavior, and how you should respond.