Two Dallas-Based Founders Are Teaming Up to Bring a New Clean Energy Initiative to Texas

eCarra and O3 Energy have started a partnership dedicated to bringing environmentally conscious practices to Dallas and the country. Together, the two companies are creating sustainable clean energy solutions—like solar parking lots.

The local entrepreneurs behind eCarra and O3 Energy have brought their teams together to collaborate on a series of projects with one mission in mind: “building a model for an eco-friendly future of sustainable energy in Texas.”

The partnership between eCarra and O3 Energy mainly involves using each company’s time and technology to bring creative, environmentally conscious practices to Dallas, and beyond.

CEO Rock Robinson describes his company, eCarra, as “the Whole Foods of the rideshare industry.” Launched last year, the rideshare app uses strictly electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and provide an experience that’s sustainable, fast, and luxurious (most of the rides are in Teslas). 

O3 Energy and its CEO, Brad Stutzman, have a similar green mindset.

As a turnkey provider of renewable energy, O3 aims to lower operating costs and improve a facility’s ROI. The team is dedicated to making solar energy more accessible, and has a slew of widespread commercial and residential solar development projects that make it one of the top solar developers in the country.

The collaboration began when Stutzman recognized the grassroots movement eCarra was making to establish an environment-first model throughout major cities in Texas. 

This is mainly because eCarra is disrupting a stagnant industry that’s long been associated with causing significant carbon emissions. Because the rideshare has an EV-only concept, it contradicts the notion that hailing a car can never be both an efficient and sustainable practice.

Stutzman and his team at O3 wanted to be part of that.

eCarra and O3 Energy say that in coming together, it represents a “union borne out of ingenuity and awareness.” Their first task together? Making sure vehicles are eco-friendly—both when they’re moving and stopped.

A project at the forefront of the companies’ efforts is the installation of solar canopies and charging stations in parking lots. In using renewable energy, these solar parking lots are able to dramatically reduce costs for EV charging and create a cycle of clean energy, the companies explain.

It also allows for no harmful emissions to be expelled when the cars are running.

“The sun drops 84,000 terawatts of energy on us every day for free,” Robinson said in a statement. “All we have to do is harness it and use it.”

eCarra and O3 Energy call their collaboration a huge step forward in the push for sustainability across industries. They see more ideas coming to fruition in the future to provide local and large-scale communities with solutions that can benefit the entire planet.

“By partnering up with eCarra, we are able at O3 Energy to better serve both the environment and communities, starting in their very own backyard in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” Stutzman said in a statement. “I am very excited about EV charging and solar being an integral part of our future.”

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