Traxo Partners with World Travel on Traveler Data

The partnership between Traxo and World Travel provides clients with a user-friendly tool to track iteneraries and bookings.

Traveler data

Dallas-based Traxo on Thursday announced a partnership with World Travel Inc. for itinerary data aggregation for WTI’s WorldMobile travel app.

Traxo is a traveler data aggregation company, and Exton, Pennsylvania-based World Travel is the fourth largest independent travel management company (TMC) in the United States.

“Tracking and managing off-platform bookings is a large and growing challenge for TMCs in particular,” said Kevin Martin, executive vice president of business development at World Travel. “Our mission is to be on the leading edge of the new normal for corporate travel, which means proactively developing a customer-centric solution for bringing this off-platform data into the system so it can be managed.”

“Tracking and managing off-platform bookings is a large and growing challenge for TMCs in particular.”
Kevin Martin

Martin said that working with a partner such as Traxo keeps World Travel “on the forefront of traveler-friendly-tools that deliver concise information in a timely manner.”

Traxo said that its itinerary parsing an processing technology enables travelers to forward confirmation emails for off-platform bookings when embedded in the WorldMobile app. It also gives access to reservation details for bookings made directly with via World Travel.

More than 40 percent or more of corporate travel books happen outside the typical corporate agency channel, Traxo said. Travelers can be challenged to manage trip details when several of the trips are not integrated into their corporate agency booking tools, Traxo said.

The integration provides clients and travelers with a secure, single application to manage travel profiles and “end-to-end” itinerary details, Traxo said.

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