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How does your company stretch the boundaries of what’s been done, or reinvent itself within the industry?

Sabre is on a mission to reimagine the business of travel, which is all about retailing, distribution and fulfillment. How do we fulfill the end traveler’s wants and needs through increased personalization and loyalty? How are our airline, hotelier and agency customers pushing automation and efficiency? How are they providing the right product to the right traveler at the right time?

One of the main drivers of this is data. Travel generates an enormous amount of data across all touchpoints, and historically the industry has not leveraged this data to the extent that it should. We are making focused investments in A.I. and machine learning to harness data and create actionable insights that drive revenue for our customers.This also makes us uniquely positioned to create the technology that will deliver solutions that optimize distribution across all channels and enable fulfillment.

What type of opportunities exist for innovative thinkers looking to join your company?

I have been heavily focused on making sure that Sabre is bringing in people that have strong technology backgrounds – and not necessarily in “travel technology,” but in “technology” as it’s more broadly defined. In the last 18 months, we’ve been able to add a lot of technology leaders that think about the business completely differently, and they collaborate with leaders that come from the operating side of the organization who under- stand the complexity of our customers’ businesses. Given these insights from multiple perspectives, how do we think about travel technology and challenge ourselves to lead its evolution?

How is technology solving the needs of your clients?

At the end of the day, our primary purpose is to develop solutions that increase revenue opportunities for our customers and fulfill their brand promise to travelers. That’s why they rely on us and invest hundreds of millions of dollars on Sabre products and services, and our focus is to be the leading technology provider behind all of that.

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